Food Masters Freiberg GmbH: Innovation meets experience

Jürgen Fischer, managing director

Innovation meets experience: This is the mission statement of Food Masters Freiberg  GmbH. The design, the engineering and production of processing machines for the cocoa and nut industry are the core field of activity of the company. The whole team of Food Masters Freiberg GmbH in general, and the innovation team in particular, have a long experience over several decades in cocoa and nut processing.

Close contact and cooperations with our customers and their inputs are the driving agent for new developments of processes and the related machinery.

The latest innovative step of Food Masters Freiberg GmbH is the cocoa nib roasting system (CBRS) based on criteria like roasting product quality, food safety, energy efficiency and availability. The unique product quality of roasted nibs is driven by the new TET heating system which guarantees the absolute even energy transfer to the cocoa nibs over the whole length of the rotating roasting drum.

Whereas other drum roasters supply the roasting energy on 25% of the drum surface, the CBRS distributes the heating energy on 90% of the surface. The consequence will be lower energy consumption for the roasting process and a thermal efficiency of 80% related to the input energy.

As the energy transfer just happens over free convection and no direct hot air input to the product, nibs are dehumidified evenly and slowly without any case hardening of the nibs surface cells due to uncontrolled evaporation of water. As a result, one obtains the best controllable roasting process and flavor development possible.

Innovation in cocoa processing also means increasing line capacities. Food Masters Freiberg developed a cocoa processing line with single processing units reaching a total line capacity of 10 tons/hour cocoa beans. The processing units are the cleaning system CBCS, the infrared pretreatment machine CBTS and the winnower CBDS. The alkalizing system CNAS and the roasting system CNRS are available with batch capacities up to 6,500 kg.

Sometimes Innovation is driven by reviving old success stories. Food Masters Freiberg GmbH designed the ball roasting system UBRS with batch capacities of 250 and 500 kg for cocoa beans or other products like nuts or even coffee.

Innovation meets experience: These three words will constantly drive our steady efforts to fulfill the challenging demands of our customers.

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