Chocotech: The meaning of true innovation

Martin McDermott, director of sales

What does it mean to be a leader in innovation? Does it mean introducing a new machine every three years for interpack so that when a customer asks: “what’s new” you can give a big smile and say……….No, this is not innovation, this is improvisation. 

Innovation to me consists of continuous improvements with one’s design team on existing processes as well as having  a “dedicated” design team for new developments.

This is what Chocotech is all about: the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of confectionery kitchen processes in combination with our customers. Having a well-educated international team of employees who speak a wide variety of languages enables us to understand and truly comprehend our clients’ needs.

It all means having a modern production facility with excellent working conditions for the employees that houses a world-class machining facility, which allows the majority of our processing lines to be manufactured in house.

It also means having a 600-sq.-meter sugar confectionery “State of the Art” test lab, home to our entire equipment range, which allows customers to conduct trials ranging from small-scale recipe development projects to full-scale production runs of more than 1,000 kg/hr. Trial results can then be analyzed using, for example, our Karl Fischer equipment.

In addition, Chocotech also has a chocolate lab for testing products with fillings produced on our Frozenshell line or evaluating chocolate lentils or solid eggs produced on our PSL line.

This year, the company has broke ground for an additional 3,000 sq. meters (32,300 sq. Ft.) of assembly area to its factory in Wernigerode. The addition, which addresses the growth needs of the business,  should be completed by year’s end.

This investment highlights  the adage “ the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” clearly reinforcing Chocotech’s  commitment to continued growth and innovation. 

And what about innovations?

The Ecograv offers up to 50% energy saving on mass preparation when using crystal sugar for hard candy, chewy candy and fondant production by using the moisture of the glucose to dissolve the sugar without having to add additional water. Infeed solids to the cooker increase from 78 – 80% using the conventional method to 90%

The Micron, a two-stage system for controlled super saturation and the beating of fondant, ensures controlled and repeatable crystal size on a continuous multi-shift operation.

The Sucrofilm/Caraflex system for caramel is a swept surface continuous thin film cooker and combined caramelizer for 24/7 operation with controlled reclaim introduction and an uninterrupted  production process loop run during  downstream unscheduled  stops.

The Jellymaster/Jellymix unit is a unique combination of a hygienic tube in shell heat exchanger and a gravimetric weighing system for precise additions of colors, flavors and acid and ideal for all jelling agents.

The Sucromaster, in combination with the Ecograv, provides an energy-saving innovative process for hard candy. It also offers precise metering of minors ingredients, a critical requirement when using active ingredients on medicated hard candy.

Above are a few examples of innovation created by Chocotech during the past few years. Most recently, the company was awarding a patent for its real fruit snack cooking system for the North American market. All of the above mentioned systems as well as others offered by the company feature true hygienic design and expertly engineered CIP routing systems.

Chocotech,  a true leader in innovation.

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