Starburst's fruit flavors are getting new twists this year! Wrigley introduced two new ways to enjoy that great new fruit flavor during the Expo.

Starburst Minis are the same Starburst candy, but unwrapped and in a sharable package. They come in a 3.5-oz Share Size pack with aS. R.P of $1.59 and the 8-oz. Stand-up Pouch with a S.R.P. of $2.59, and are available in the original flavors. Wrigley says a glaze helps keep the usually sticky candy from the becoming one large clump in the bags.

However, while Starburst Minis are relatively similar to the original Starburst candy, the other new Starburst product takes the candy's fruit flavors and combines it with an entirely different treat! Starburst Candy Corn will be available starting in August 2013, just in time for Halloween!

The festive treat brings the bright, juicy flavors and colors found in the Starburst Original fruit chews to the iconic candy corn shape and texture and will come in four flavors: cherry, orange, strawberry and lemon.

Available in a 12-oz laydown bag with anS. R.P. of $2.49 and a 2-oz. Single serve bag with an S.R.P of $0.69, this Starburst treat is sure to make fans scream!