Ring Pop

It's probably the biggest diamond most people will ever wear, and it's also the most delicious. Ahh, Ring Pops. Now, Bazooka Brands is working to capitalize on both those things.

Scott Utke, Bazooka's marketing director, says the company is continuing to look for ways to tie the iconic candy into the culture.

In April they launched "My Ring Pop," a website that lets customers create their own edible jewels and then choose the packing so that it ties into specific events such as birthdays and bridal showers. Although it's only been a couple months, Utke says there was a huge demand for such a product and it's been a success for the company.

Next up, is Yankees Ring Pop. The signature blue and white Ring Pop comes in Blue Raspberry flavor and is packaged in commemorative wrappers featuring the Yankees iconic pinstripes. They have a suggested retail price of $0.99-$1.59. The limited edition treat is being sold in Yankees Stadium and the tri-state area and the company plans to expand the program to other teams and cities in 2014.

"We continue to use Ring Pop to tie into relevant ways, to basically leverage the connection to pop culture," Utke explains.