The Probat Group — an Emmerich, Germany-based organization comprised of eight manufacturing and technology companies known for cocoa/coffee roasting and processing — has acquired the Ladco Group. Probat Group

“With great pride and joy we officially announce that the Ladco Group of companies have become members of the Probat Group,” revealed Wim Abbing, president and ceo of the Probat Group, in a press release.

The three subsidiaries that form the Ladco Group — MacIntyre, Petzholdt-Heidenauer and Beetz, — represent three experienced and well-known manufacturers of a variety of high quality machinery and equipment for the global cocoa-and chocolate industry, complementing the Probat Group’s Probat Werke and Bauermeister divisions.

 “With this acquisition, the Probat Group continues the expansion into an additional field of technologies directed to the processing of food that is made for the enjoyment of people by its flavor and taste,” Abbing added.

In addition, the move allows the Probat Group to supply an even broader range of cocoa and chocolate processing equipment.

“The capability of the group to offer one-stop shop solutions for complete cocoa bean processing and chocolate production lines will be second to none, as the group will design and manufacture all of the process relevant equipment under proprietary know-how and expertise,” pointed out Abbing.