“Savory is intellectually interesting,” explains Feve Executive Chocolatier Shawn Williams. 

feve chocolate

The former culinary/pastry chef and now chocolatier fuses his experiences into an exploration of flavor. Having opened his own chocolate shop a year ago in San Francisco, Williams display his range of talents by offering one or two unusual savory bonbons as well as several “more easily accessible” flavors, such as lemon, dark chocolate or hazelnut. Feve’s Pistachio Rosemary Caramel, which received a Good Foods 2012 Award in the confections category, combines layers of rosemary infused caramel, pistachio praline and feuilletine into a complex taste sensation. 

Another surprise was Feve’s crispy caramelized Corn Nut, which contains feuilletine and is enrobed with milk chocolate, giving the piece a light, crunchy and snack-like quality.