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Spangler Candy

Spangler Peppermint Circus Peanuts

Spangler Circus Peanuts have been a favorite for decades and now they come in a delicious peppermint flavor! Fat free, and free of the most common allergens, they’re perfect for a new generation and those who grew up loving them! Fat free and are free of the top common allergens.

S.R.P.: (8-oz. bag) $2.29

Spangler Candy

SweetNature Candy Canes

Made with 100 percent natural flavor, and no artificial colors, these candy canes are available in peppermint or assorted fruit, which includes Ripe Strawberry, Honeycrisp Apple, and Black Cherry.

S.R.P.: (12-ct. cradle) $2.88

Spangler Candy


Saf-T-Pops are the safe, first-time candy for small children. With the safety loop handle and enclosed pouch, Saf-T-Pops are the allergen free, quality treat that shows you care.

S.R.P.: N/A

Spangler Candy

Dum Dums Valentine Kits

This 50-count box of Dum Dums comes with 30 Valentine’s Day To/From Stickers, making it the perfect way for children to say Happy Valentine’s day to their classmates.

S.R.P.: (50 ct. box) $3.99

Spangler Candy

Dum Dums Holiday Pops

These Holiday Dum Dums feature eight holiday flavors: Merry Cherry, Sugar Plum, Hot Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Apple Cider, Gingerbread, Green Apple Grinch, Polar Punch and Myster.

S.R.P.: (10.4-oz bag) $2.49

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