Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

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Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Delectais Mint Chocolate Thin

These delicate mints are made in Germany and feature delicious mint filling covered in chocolate.

S.R.P.: (7-oz. box) $3.49

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Fort Knox Golden Nuggets

Made in Holland with Belgian chocolate, these milk chocolates are shaped like real gold nuggets.

S.R.P.: (3.1-oz. bag) $1.99

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Tid Bitz Soft Licorice Bites

These soft licorice bites were developed for the Dutch market, and are now also available in the United States.

S.R.P.:(5.2-oz bag) $1.99

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Gustaf’s Double Salt Licorice

More and more consumers are getting used to our Double Salt licorice from Holland. Once only for the happy few that grew up with them, now they are available in 5.2-oz. bags for everyone willing to overcome their fears and dive into this double salt licorice.

S.R.P.: (5.2-oz. bag) $1.99

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Sour Blockheads Candies

These sour candies have sold in bulk for over 25 years. Now they’re available in a 4-oz. bag.

Retail: (4-oz. bag) $.99

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Broadway Laces

After 10 years of selling them in bulk only, these licorice- and strawberry-flavored laces are now in attractive hanging bags.

S.R.P.: (4-oz. bag) $1.99

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