With its “Too Goodie To Be True” promotion, Pearson Candy Co. will open its doors to the public for the first time in nearly 40 years.

More than 75 special VIP winners and their guests will get a peek inside the iconic St. Paul candy factory and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pearson’s most popular brand, Nut Goodie

Pearson Nut Roll

 “Local families have enjoyed our products for generations, so it made sense to open the doors to our biggest fans and offer a rare look inside the candy factory,” says Michael Keller, Pearson Candy Co. president and ceo.

The winners will see the entire process of creating Nut Goodie — from how the nougat is made to how the candy bar is covered in real milk chocolate — and that’s only the start of it.

Each VIP will also receive “goodie” bags filled with Pearson’s candy and 100 pounds of Nut Goodie bars.

To commemorate this special event, the factory was given a makeover to resemble an old-fashioned gingerbread house.

The revamped “House of Pearson” has been opened to St. Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman, employees past and present of Pearson, and Pearson’s non-profit partners.

The company donated additional tours to The Ronald McDonald House of the Upper Midwest, BestPrep and PACER center as part of its “Do Goodie” program.

A final tour is being auctioned off by Cities 97 with all proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of the Upper Midwest.