Hänsel Processing has an outstanding track record in supplying confectionery processing equipment for sweets production, as evidenced by its longevity andhansel1 experience in this field. The company has worldwide reach, backed-up by a strong network of agencies and well-supported by excellently skilled regional sales managers at the main office in Hanover, Germany.

In its CandyLab in Hanover, Hänsel Processing brings customers’ ideas about confectionery production to life. The laboratory is equipped with industrial-scale confectionery machines. In the CandyLab, while ongoing internal machine developments are continuously tested, the facility always defers to customer disposition and use.

Hänsel Processing offers a process chain that embraces the most modern machine technology through an excellent research and development team and continues through outstanding service performance.

The company’s product range encompasses the following:  hard candies (center-filled, aerated, laminated, milky, sugar free, medicated, specialities); jellies and fondants (gelatin, agar agar, pectin, gum Arabic, starch, fondant crème, bakery fondant, milk fondant, fruit fondant); toffees (milk caramel, éclair, fruit candies, chewy candies, caramel layers, specialities) and bars (foam sugar, candy bars, granola, torrone, halwa).

The lineup of state-of-the-art machines includes:  the CONTIGRAV, a raw material weighing system;  the CROSSFLOW, a pre- and final cooking system ; the SUCROLINER, a cooking, flavoring, blending and cooling system; the STRADA, a center -filling and forming system; the ROTAMAT, a thin film cooking system ; the CARAMASTER, a controlled caramelizing system; the SIEDOMAT TURBOMIX, a vacuum cooking / batch-wise aeration system; the TURBOMAT, a continuous aeration system; the HFD, a high performance beating system; the JELLYSTAR, a high performance jelly cooking  system; the JELLY BLEND, a flavoring and blending system; and the UNIBATCH, a universal batch cooker

Machines that will be exhibited machine at ProSweets include a laboratory-scale Rotamat thin film cooking system combined with a laboratory-scale  JellyStar cooker.

Due to its construction, the thin-layer cooker Rotamat is perfectly suitable for continuous cooking of sensitive masses that tend to scorch or need gentle treatment (e. g. milky hard candies, toffees, milky fondant masses, fruity masses, masses for deposited candies as well as other candy masses). Cooking under vacuum and overpressure is possible without restrictions.

In addition, the unit features a very high heat transfer coefficient; a modular design, enabling application of various cookers in parallel or in series; and a short residence time due to minimized system content. It’s easy and simple to maintain and is engineered with special contact-free, static scrapers that have a long service life (avoiding burns by turbulence increase).

The JellyStar is appropriate for all common jellying agents and characterized by a compact design, offering the possibility to produce high-quality, aerated and transparent jellies with HP machines even if space is limited. The products are processed extremely carefully in this cooker of compact design with short residence time.

The line’s capacity ranges from 60 to 6,000 kg/hr. In addition to its small footprint, the unit holds a stable cooking temperature, ensures no contact between steam and product, even product dispersal,  and an optimum start-up and stopping mode  featuring a short reaction time.

 Appropriate for all common jellying agents, the unit has a low steam pressure requirement. It’s designed to take advantage of maximum  heat exchanger surface  with a minimum of space.  A  CIP cleaning pump takes the cleaning cycle back to reservoir. And operators can adjust system pressure with a pneumatic controller pressure control valve.

At ProSweets 2013, new and known customers as well as interested qualified personnel will be welcomed at the company’s booth. Managing directors Frank Temme and Heiko Kühn will gladly welcome visitors, accompanied by their skilled native-speakers sales team as well as by their French partner company, Proform.



 At ProSweets, visit Hall 10.1, booth C038/D039 or go to www.haensel-processing.com