ASR Group's new logo

In order to present a single identity to its customers and business partners, American Sugar Refining Inc. has launched a new corporate brand name — ASR Group.

The group is made of several leading regional brands, including Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar in the United States, Redpath in Canada, Tate & Lyle and Lyle’s in the United Kingdom and Sidul and Sores in Portugal.

“We have concluded that a single, unified identity would better communicate the combined strength and scale of ASR Group to our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and the communities where we operate," says Luis Fernandez, co-president of ASR Group.

The new name also means a new logo, which will appear next to the company’s iconic logos on its packaging, marketing materials and business documents.

“The presence of the ASR Group logo is a clear signal that our brands are individual building blocks that together form a powerful whole,” says Antonio L. Contreras, co-president of ASR Group.

While a new brand name has been introduced, ASR Group is not a new company. Each of the companies under the name will still operate separately, leaving already existing business relationships and activities as they were.

"Although we are introducing a new global corporate identity, our unwavering belief in our regional brands and logos remains unchanged, and they will continue to dominate our consumer packaging and marketing efforts," says Contreras.