angry birds

Angry Birds Star Wars
Healthy Food Brands, Brooklyn, N.Y.
(212) 444-9909

The newest line of Angry Bird treats are sure to help “The Force be with you.” Inspired by Star Wars characters, the snacks combine the popular line of movies with characters from the popular mobile game. The line includes exploding candy, fruit snacks and fruit gummies. The fruit snacks and fruit gummies come shaped like Angry Birds characters dressed as Star Wars characters. All the treats come in cherry, strawberry, apple, raspberry, lemon, and grape flavors.

Ingredients: (Green Apple popping candy) Sucrose, lactose [milk], corn syrup solids, natural and artificial flavor, yellow #5, and blue #1; processed with carbon dioxide for popping effect.

S.R.P.: (9-oz. Fruit Snack Box) $2.29-$3.29; (9-gr. Exploding Candy Pouch) $0.79-$0.99