bazooka gum relaunch

Bazooka Joe seems to be turning into a millennial, with his new love of social media and individuality.

The character's comic strips, found in Bazooka Bubble Gum, are being redesigned as part of a relaunch of the iconic brand in 2013.

The new comics feature activities, quizzes and games, as well a codes that allows them to unlock content online at the brands’ new entertainment hub, And the paper comics themselves have been tweaked to include blank speech bubbles, allowing fans to write their own funny stories.

Of course, a relaunch wouldn’t be complete without a change to the actual taste of the Bazooka gum, which now has an improved, longer-lasting original flavor, and also comes in a new Blue Raspberry version.bazooka gum relaunch comic

The re-launch also includes new packaging that features bold and colorful graffiti-styled wallet packs, each containing both flavors of the gum.

Bazooka Bubble Gum first debuted in 1947, and this is the first complete makeover the gum has experienced in its six-decade history. The revamped bubble gum line will debut at retail nationwide in January.