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This year, Hänsel Processing will be exhibiting its traditional “Sweet Competence” at Pack Expo in Chicago at the Confectionery Pavilion. Managing Director Frank Temme warmly welcomes visitors to the booth, which will be well-supported by the company’s U.S agency Crosio & Associates,  represented by Russ and Stacey Crosio.

The company’s extensive range of advanced machinery for the production of hard candy, encompassing the Contigrav raw material weighing system, the Crossflow cooker, the Unibatch and Rotamat cookers, and the Strada center filling & forming line, enables the company to supply complete and individual lines from cooking through forming.

 Hänsel Processing´s Sucroliner hard candy lines, with capacities of more than 4,000 kg/h, are a milestone in the confectionery industry market and capable of extracting four different ropes simultaneously, each with a different color and flavor.

Since sustainability and energy conservation have become more and more important, the Sucroliner can — if requested — optionally be equipped with an energy recovering system. During cooking procedure, the evaporation energy is recovered and afterwards used to pre-warm the slurry and other functions. About 600 kW/h can be recovered in such a line while the candy mass retains its approved high quality.

 For more information, contact www.kloeckner-haensel.com or stop by booth S-1482.