At PMMI in Chicago, Chocotech will exhibit the Jellymaster from its Candy Division, a continuous cooking system for all types of jellies and marshmallows based on gelatin, agar-agar, gum arabic, pectin, carrageenan, modified and high amylose starch.

The principal unit is the Sucrotwist pressure dissolver with its special construction. As there is no dead space generated anywhere, there are no restrictions at all in terms of the jellying agents to be used. The cooker features first-in, first-out product flow with determined guidance of the turbulently streaming product and PLC control with synchronized components in a completely hygienic design that can be connected easily to a CIP-system.

Modern kitchen technology should not only guarantee good product, but also allow minimum continuous run times of 24/6, before CIP is required. Hygienic design and maintenance friendly features (SIS) are also key factors in minimizing downtime.

Fully automatic CIP loops, utilizing dairy-type, non-mix valves, can allow part of the plant to undergo CIP while the other part continues in production mode, or alternatively, CIP of the complete kitchen in one step.

For more information, visit or stop by booth S-1582