Woody Associatespackf5

For nearly 60 years, Woody Associates, Inc. has continued to provide customers stringers to the confectionery industry.  As a staple in modern production, the Woody Stringer has the ability to produce zigzag, curved and looped design patterns in a fully automated system.

At PACK Expo, Woody Associates will show users the ease of creating custom designs with the 10-in. Woody Stringer.  Equipped with the ability to produce single and double loop designs, the Stringer will produce crisp clean lines of chocolate patterns on a smooth conveyor belt.  The unit also features a self-cleansing strainer, which prevents clogs in the nozzle tube because of particles in the decorating material.

Also on display will be a 42-in. Heavy-Duty Woody Stringer.  Built for users with production lines in continuous operation, the more robust Stringer requires less maintenance with the ability to run for days on end.

For more information, visit www.woody-decorators.com or stop by booth S-1187.