Annabelle Candy Co.anna

Hayward, Calif.


To steal a line former President Bill Clinton used when speaking to delegates and television viewers at the Democratic Convention last month, when it comes to sustainability and green manufacturing “Do the arithmetic!”

Annabel Candy Co. certainly has.

When the Hayward, Calif.-based company completed its solar energy project last November, it didn’t take long for the number crunching to begin.

The more than 1,400 solar roof tiles and modules sitting atop the plant’s roof will reduce the facility’s heating and cooling load by an estimated 30%. The system will output 438.592kw or totaling 646,855kWh per year.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, using this solar energy system will be very cost-effective for Annabelle Candy Co. The first year’s operational savings are expected to be $136,766 — an amazing 90% offset of the current commercial electricity bill! Over the next 25 years, Annabelle Candy Co. estimates to save over $6.5 million in direct commercial electricity costs.

 “We at Annabelle’s are proud to be one of the first manufacturing plants in the area to bring solar energy to our facilities,” says Susan Gamson Karl, president and ceo of Annabelle Candy Co. “With the financial challenges we currently face in this economic environment, we feel fortunate to have found a way to offset our operating costs and help conserve our precious resources, while continuing to provide jobs for our wonderful employees.”