choc7He Said/She Said: Chocolate. Can you tell your preference for type of chocolate by gender? Our informal tests showed yes, and science is at least saying that women prefer the stronger flavors of dark chocolate. What’s more, rumor has it that if you want to conceive a girl, eat chocolate (if you want a boy, stick to red meat). Apparently women come by their cravings honestly. Behavioral trends are showing that women tend to like their chocolate dark, with a high percentage of cacao, and bold flavors. Men tend to go for the sweet side with milk chocolate. What restaurants are noticing is that women make a lot of the decisions at mealtime, and they choose chocolate. We even see chocolate marketed directly by gender—chocolate and beer pairings for men, the new Burger King Bacon & Chocolate Sundae (which, frankly, appeals to both men and women from what we can see).