Blommer Chocolate’s Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic Milk Chocolate with a non-vintage Scarpetto Brut Rosebloom

Blommer Chocolate Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic Milk: A robust milk chocolate made with the most wholesome organic ingredients. This is a full-bodied chocolate with hints of the Caribbean influence with subtle fruit notes to compliment the milk.

Blommer Chocolate’s Rose Potts’ Chocolate Notes:  Delicate fruit at a threshold level with threshold lactic sour notes and a milk intensity that is slight to moderate. Mild overall, with a smooth melt.

NV Scarpetta Brut Rose, Friuli, Italy:  Scarpetta “Timido” Brut Rose is a blend of Franconia and Pinot Nero grapes sourced from Collio in Friuli; old-vine fruit lends itself to a clear and delicious fruit profile, highlighting notes of strawberry, fresh raspberries along with just a hint of fresh herbs and wild flowers.

 Candy Industry: This sparkling wine featured just the right amount of sweet tones to blend perfectly with the smooth milk chocolate. The chocolate was light enough to bring out the subtle fruit notes of the refreshing rose-colored wine, without overpowering it, and the combination left a pleasant aftertaste. These two pair perfectly during a warm summer night on the patio. Just dreamy.