When Corn Products International — spurred by the acquisition of National Starch in 2010 — officially changed its name to Ingredion in early June this year, it not only reflected the creation of a larger, global entity, but also an embodiment of its mission statement.

As Ilene Gordon, chairperson, president and ceo, explained, “We are thrilled to face the marketplace with a name that says ‘ingredient solutions.”

With net sales of $6.2 billion in 2011 and customers in more than 40 countries, the company serves 60 diverse sectors in food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Within the confectionery sector, the company supplies many manufacturers with essential and familiar ingredients such as natured-based sweeteners and specific application starches.

In addition to being one of the world’s largest dextrose producers, Ingredion also supplies high maltose corn syrup to the confectionery industry.  

With regards to starches, the company offers up modified and resistant starches applicable for a brand range of confectionery products.

It’s important to note the company’s experience in ingredient solutions extends beyond traditional sweetener and starch uses to nutritional components.

For example, its short chain Fructooligosaccharide product (ssFOS) is a prebiotic fiber derived from and beet sugar. Using a natural fermentation method, ssFOS delivers a variety of health and functional benefits including: increased calcium absorption, improved immune function and enhanced flavors.  

As Jack C. Fortnum, executive v.p. and president, global beverage, industrial and North America sweetener solutions, points out, “Our teams have been integrated for two years now, so we are able to deliver an expanded set of ingredient solutions to our customers — with new ideas and technologies under continuous development.”