Chimes Ginger Chews 1

Chimes Ginger Chews
Roxy Trading, Inc. Pomona, Calif.    
(626) 610-1388

Chimes Ginger Chews can add a kick to your day. These gluten-free, chewy ginger candies feature the spiciness of the ginger mixed with natural flavors like peanut butter, peppermint, mango and orange citrus. This new launch  will surely surprise tired taste buds. Available in 1.5-oz., 2-oz., and 5-oz. packages of individually wrapped chews, Ginger Chews can satisfy consumer desires for sweet and spicy.

Ingredients: (Mango) Cane sugar, choice ginger, mango juice, natural mango flavor, tapioca starch.

S.R.P.: (1.5-oz. pack) $1.49-$1.69, (2-oz. tin) $2.79-$2.99, (5-oz. bag) $3.79-$3.99