Royal Duyvis Wiener announced it will partner with one of Peru’s largest cocoa farmer cooperatives, Cooperativa Naranillo de Cacao y Café (Coopain). By investing $3.3 million, Coopain looks to increase production capacity by 400%.

Coopain’s recent investment focuses on the second phase of technological improvements at its Tingo Maria cocoa plant. As a result, cocoa bean production capacity will increase from 3,000 to 15,000 tons per year. In addition, bean quality and value will also improve.

Rolando Herrera Ramírez, president of Coopain, declared that the second phase of the technological plan consists of implementing modern machinery being imported from Germany. Royal Duyvis Wiener will participate in this project with a complete Lehmann cocoa cleaning, roasting, winnowing system and a Wiener cocoa liquor grinding line.

Coopain estimates the project will generate a 400% productivity gain. The investment will be executed within approximately 14 months.


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