AAK-USA Inc.’s products are derived from natural and nutritious raw materials and have been developed using a high degree of technology. For example, cocoa butter alternatives provide solutions to eliminate trans fatty acids in bakery shortenings, frying oils and many other dairy and bakery applications where no trans fats, no hydrogenation and low saturates are a must.

CEBES, the company’s cocoa butter substitute (CBS), is a non-temper compound that simulates the best attributes of real chocolate. WithCEBES, confectioners can produce a cost effective compound coating with excellent functionality, a fast crystallization rate, a steep melting curve and good melt-down and flavor release without tempering.

CEBES NHis a non-hydrogenated CBS with zero trans-coating-fats, and is used to achieve higher melt points and improved functionality without trans fats or hydrogenation.

ILLEXAO, AAK’s cocoa butter equivalent (CBE), uses raw materials approved by the EU Chocolate Directive and subject only to refining and fractionating processes during production. It gives manufacturers supreme versatility and can be used without alteration to existing production processes.

CONFAOHigh End Filling Fats are high quality and have a neutral taste and aroma. They are also bloom-resistant in specific applications where chocolate may be present. In addition, the fats are non-tempering, have zero trans-fat and are non-hydrogenated.


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