Apparently cockroaches make good pets — at least when they are made of gummies.Jelly Belly Pet Cockroach

In June, Jelly Belly will welcome Gummi Pet Cockroach to the Jelly Belly Pet Gummi line, which also includes Pet Rat, Pet Gator, Pet Dinosaur and Pet Tarantula.

The Pet Cockroach is created with two different flavors — one for the legs and one for the body. There are three combinations of flavors: blackberry and cherry, grape and lime, and orange and blackberry. Each cockroach also is packed with a Fun Facts card that includes cockroach trivia.

“TheJelly Belly Gummi Pet line is popular among kids, but also enjoyed by the young at heart,” says Rob Swaigen, marketing v.p. for Jelly Belly Candy Company. “These types of novelty items sell well when placed at counter height.”

An assortment of these flavor combos are packed together into 24-ct. caddies and ship ready to be displayed on shelves.

— M.K.