Nature ValleyGranola Thins

General Mills, Golden Valley, Minn.
(800) 767-5404

An indulgent 80-calorie granola snack, Nature Valley granola thins are available in both dark chocolate and dark chocolate peanut butter. The thins are 100% natural, made with delicate, crispy toasted granola and dark chocolate. Aimed at convenience store retailers, General Mills says they offer incremental sales opportunities and build on the success of Nature Valley granola bars.

Ingredients: (Dark Chocolate)whole grain oats, sugar, vegetable oil (canola, palm kernel, palm), rice flour, high maltose corn syrup, cocoa, honey, rice maltodextrin, salt, soy lecithin, milk, baking soda, malt extract, natural flavor. 

S.R.P.: (.6-oz. square)$0.69