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Power Players

Special Report
- Top 100 - Power Players
Confectioner partnered with a leading brand valuation firm, Intangible Business LLC, for an exclusive research project that ranks the 100 most powerful confectionery brands. Check out our listing of the Top 100 Power Brands in the candy and gum categories.

One on One
- PLMA’s Sharoff Opens Up About Private Label
Brian Sharoff answers Confectioner’s queries about the new PLMA research findings and more.

Middle Ground
- Value The Middle
The distribution channel is a critical, but often silent, link between manufacturers and retailers; now, channel players speak out for better partnerships and a redefinition of its value proposition.

Category Insights
- Crunch Time
Whether they’re sweet, salty, or a little bit of both, snacks are getting a lot of positive industry attention.

- On Brands, Storytelling And Why It Matters

News & Trends
- Top 10 Trends For 2007

ECRM Product Update
- ECRM Focus

Product Update
- Raisins That Rock; Snap-n-Glow Pops...

Last Word
- Top 100 Power Brands Spotlighted In This Issue...

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