October 2006

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Retail Channel

2006 Retail Channel Handbook
- Channel Chat With Todd Hale
Channel blurring guru Todd Hale shares his views.
- Convenience
Gasoline prices, credit costs and progressive thinking have helped fuel a move toward reinvention.
- Grocery
This sector still has weekly foot traffic on its side, so why is it allowing other channels to walk on its confectionery sales share?
- Mass/Supercenter
The value channel grows larger, but can these big boxes think outside themselves in confections?
- Drug Stores
Analysts say drugstores are the best merchandisers of candy out there.
- Dollar Stores
The dollar channel continues to perform well, and with the addition of more perishable products, the future looks bright.
- Warehouse/Club Stores
This sector sits on a nice perch, but perhaps it could touch down on more mainstream merchandising, particularly in candy.
- Alternate Retailers
Candy sales in alternate channels have reached

- New Expo Timeframe, New Categories — How About A New Name, Too?

News & Trends
- Facts, Figures And The Thinking Behind All Candy Expo Changes

People Watch
- Meet The Seattle Chocolate Sales Team; Names In The News
- NCA Announces New Chairman And Board Members

Candy Product Update
- Excellence Origins Collection; Javabon and more...

- Russel Stover Candies
- Brachs
- Multizen Foods

The Last Word
- Confectioner’s Retail Channel Handbook

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