Candy “Kidspeakers”

Do you speak the candy language of kids? Take a cue from these retailers, who have recently been praised by industry experts for making superior kid/candy connections.
Shopko’s kids’ candy section has been identified as a buying destination in the category — for multiple generations. The Midwest retailer wisely commingles youthful novelty assortments with nostalgic selections so that moms and kids alike will wander over — and perhaps influence one another on trying/buying even more candy. There are even some candies grandparents will fondly recognize and probably want to introduce their grandkids to. The section is designed to make everyone feel like a kid.
Roundy’s Supermarkets has a lot of fun with its “Candy Carnival” — a candy promotion it showcases each year in the spring. The event features kids’ candy as well as relevant movie tie-ins on blockbuster hits, such as “Shrek” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
Michaels is an alternative retailer long known for its commitment to kids’ candy with a permanent four-foot home at the checkout. Healthy snacks will be included in its newest set “geared to parents looking for an alternative,” according to David Beadle, senior buyer. In addition, Michaels created a “5th Season” that it calls Retro Candy Shoppe for both kids and adults.
Walgreens is a supreme mass market candy merchandiser, especially praised for its “authorized promotions” with kids’ candy. Youngsters can always come in and find a good bargain in the category, making their change go a little farther. Movie candy is also well-highlighted on speed tables.
H-E-B has a fantastic “everyday” kids candy set, with “Sweets & Treats” permanently written on shelf talkers. A Jelly Belly endcap colorfully allures young (and older) shoppers. Novelty items are well-positioned at eye-level for the youngest consumers.
Bed, Bath & Beyond is known for a candy assortment geared to women, but the chain has also been praised recently for attracting kids with its “innovative confectionery set,” meaning kids’ candy that can’t be found just everywhere. Because it is an alternative channel retailer now highlighting a good deal of candy, Bed, Bath & Beyond has the opportunity to be different. The chain has been commended for not trying to compete with the basic kids’ confectionery items that food, drug and mass retailers sell.
Dollar Tree is another retailer that recognizes the value of constantly offering “new and different” kids’ candies. It encourages manufacturers to keep coming up with something novel for the set.