What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

Big Hunk – “It’s a nutty, chewy hunk of delicious nougat perfection.”
—Susan Karl, President and CEO, Annabelle Candy Co.
Chick-O-Stick – “The appeal of Chick-O-Stick stems from the marriage of the flavors of peanut butter and coconut. It’s a nontraditional, retro candy, quixotic, even campy.”
—Eric Atkinson, President, Atkinson Candy Company
GooGoo Clusters – “Bring back memories — memories of childhood, of special moments, of visits with grandparents or aunts and uncles. Plus they’re fun and messy to eat!”
—Joanne Barthel, Director of Marketing, Standard Candy Co.
M&M’s – “Chocolate, fun and color are the key elements of the brand.”
—Anibal Martini, Marketing Director, The M&M Company (Masterfoods USA)
NECCO Wafers – “A quality candy that has spanned generations. Quirky, colorful, classic and now trendy.”
—Domenic Antonellis, President, NECCO
Peeps – “There’s a unique personality to Peeps, particularly the chick. It’s kind of friendly, and a traditional part of Easter and other seasons as well.”
—Joe Villiano, Asssistant Brand Manager, Just Born, Inc.
Tootsie Roll – “Tootsie Roll is a classic, chocolatey, chewy confection. I say it makes America smile.”
—Ellen R. Gordon, President and COO, Tootsie Roll Industries
Whitman’s – “Trustworthy, dependable, honest, family-oriented, genuine, old-fashioned, been around forever, a good friend.”
—John O’Hara, Vice President, Advertising and Public Relations, Russell Stover Candies Inc.