Bpop Bones
Sherwood Brands
Booth 810
(800) 556-6456
Kids can “go caveman” with Bpop Bones, Sherwood’s newest addition to the Bpop product line.  This large pacifier pop is capped by a set of bone clenching teeth. Available in 12-count display and packed 6x12 per case, Bpop Bones have a suggested retail price of $1.29.
Eclipse Big-E-Pak
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
Booth 2019
(800) 824-9681
The “biggest” news from Wrigley is its new packaging for breath-freshening Eclipse gum. The Big-E-Pak contains 60 pellets of gum, equivalent to five single-serve packages. The durable package sits on a desk, counter top or in a car cup-holder. It is available in Spearmint and Winterfrost flavors.
AirHeads Avatar Bars
Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc.
Booth 1025
(800) 283-5988
To celebrate the 20th birthday of AirHeads candy, Perfetti Van Melle launches several new AirHeads products and vibrant new package designs. In partnership with the popular Nickelodeon cartoon “Avatar,” AirHeads offers a six-piece, assorted flavor checkstand pack that includes a specially-flavored Avatar bar and a limited edition prize. With a suggested retail price of 99 cents, the pack is available in an 18-count Show Box with eight boxes per case. Displays include a 54-count counter unit, 72-count power wing and 144-count floor stand.
Functional Gum Lines
Gumlink US Corp.
Booth 1060
(312) 283-5191
Gumlink launches a branded series of sugar-free chewing gums with added health benefits. The Energy line includes a natural powered, energy-drink-flavored gum with guarana and taurine and a peppermint-flavored gum with 40 mg. caffeine. Green Tea is an anti-oxidant spearmint gum. The Vitamin line includes a strawberry-flavored, multi-vitamin chewing gum with 100 percent of the RDA of 12 vitamins and a bubble gum in three flavors with Vitamin C added.
Mike & Ike Tangy Twister
Just Born Inc.
Booth 1507
(800) 445-5787
Mike & Ike Tangy Twister chewy candy featuring cherry, raspberry, citrus punch, pineapple and apple flavors with a high-intensity flavor twist is now available in a 4.5-ounce pack. Suggested retail price is 99 cents, and the candy is shipped in 12-count cases.
Intense Dark Gourmet Chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.
Booth 614
(800) 877-9338
Each of the four Intense Dark Gourmet Chocolate Bars is named after a distinct and pleasurable everyday moment — Twilight Delight 72 percent cacao; Citrus Sunset 60 percent cacao with bits of orange and caramel crunch; Toffee Interlude 48 percent cacao and Espresso Escape 60 percent cacao. The 3.5-ounce bars have a suggested retail price of $2.99.
Green Apple Fusion Sugarless Gum
Cadbury Adams USA
Booth 1519
(877) 492-3267
Trident Green Apple Fusion flavor sugarless gum, featuring two green apple flavors, is the first sweet and sour green apple gum, according to Cadbury Adams. Each pack, with a suggested retail price of 99 cents, contains six sweet and six sour pieces, which chewers can mix and match to customize their own taste experience.  The gum contains xylitol, a naturally occurring, low-calorie sweetener, touted by dentists for its oral care benefits, which include reducing the risk of cavities. A three-pack multi-pack bag will launch in 2006.
NECCO Wafers Smoothies
Booth 1229
(800) 225-5508
NECCO Wafers Smoothies come in Blueberry, Banana Caramel, Tropical, Peach and Strawberry Crème with a packaging design featuring bold, bright graphics. The smooth-textured candies with the taste of the popular fruit-based drinks are available as a count good item and are also packed in a floor shipper.
Sport Beans Jelly Beans
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
Booth 1113
(800) 323-9380
This first-of-its-kind jelly bean formulated to energize the body during exercise is now available in two new flavors. Sport Beans from Jelly Belly now come in Fruit Punch and Berry Blue, in addition to the original Lemon-Lime and Orange flavors. Sport Beans are larger, traditional-sized jelly beans with something extra. Each 1-ounce serving contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, 10 percent of the daily value of Vitamins C, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin, as well as electrolytes to boost energy and prevent dehydration. They are positioned to compete against sports gels. Sport Beans are available in 1-ounce single-serving packages packed in 24-count display caddies.
Suited Suckers
Sin City Suckers
Booth 2630
(800) 663-7383
Las Vegas-based Sin City Suckers introduces Suited Suckers in a gift box. Cherry of Hearts, Grape of Spades, Cherry of Diamonds and Grape of Clubs round out the collection, which has a suggested retail price of $5.99. They are packed with 48, four-count boxes per case.
Indulgent Stand Up Box
Hawaiian Host Chocolates
Booth 605
(310) 532-0543
Hawaiian Host introduces a new package design for chocolate lovers, with three varieties of individually wrapped chocolates in its Indulgent Stand Up Box. The 3.1-ounce single-serve box of Deluxe Macadamias Covered in Premium Milk Chocolate, Deluxe Macadamias Covered in Premium Dark Chocolate or a combination of both has a suggested retail price range of $3.99 to $4.99.
Pop Rocks Soda Tin
Pop Rocks Inc.
Booth 814
(866) 570-8800
The 50th anniversary of the creation of Pop Rocks brings a number of new product introductions from the company. The second edition of a collectible designer tin will be available in the third quarter of 2006. This limited edition tin offers a new flavor mix – cola and cherry Pop Rocks. Available in 18-count display boxes, it has a suggested retail price range of 99 cents to $1.29.
Sherwood Brands
Booth 810
(800) 556-6456
The Lollipop with the Magic Zypping Stick comes packed on a blister card with a collectible ring lollipop and refill. A lenticular label shows the Zypperz’ action. Available for bulk vending sales or packed in displays of 12 per case, Zypperz has a $1.49 suggested retail price.
Kandy Komix
Kandy Kastle Inc.
Booth 2430
(858) 569-4101
Inspired by Warner Bros. Animation’s hit Cartoon Network television series, “Justice League Unlimited,” Kandy Kastle introduces Kandy Komix. Each piece of candy features a 3-D sculpted torso of a Justice League character on top. Inside is a full colored, 18-inch long comic strip that includes artwork of several Justice League Unlimited superheros. The comic rewinds back into the case. Pop the top to eat the candy inside. Display boxes include an assortment of Superman, Batman and The Flash items. Suggested retail price is $1.29. There are 12 units to a display box.
New Bulk Items
Kenny’s Candy Co.
Booth 337
(800) 782-5152
Several items are now available in bulk from Kenny’s Candy – Red and Black Laces; Sour Strawberry, Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Green Apple Straws. Laces are available in an 18.75-pound bulk case. Sour Straws are sold in15-pound bulk cases.
Nuclear Sludge Chew Bar
Candy Dynamics
Booth 2717
(800) 428-1717
Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Sour Apple Chew Bar joins Candy Dynamics’ range of children’s confections. High-impact packaging with bright yellow and black “danger” design emphasizes the ultra sour taste and “toxic” green color. Available in mid-summer, the bar has a suggested retail price of 25 cents. Display boxes of 75 pieces are packed with six boxes per carton.
Rolly Pop Roller Candy
Ford Gum & Machine Co. Inc.
Booth 2641
(800) 283-5988
Rolly Pop Roller liquid candy features a unique roll-on delivery system that allows kids to roll the liquid directly from the dispenser onto the tongue or lips. Flavors are strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape. Suggested retail price is 79 cents. It is packed 24 units per display with six displays per case. 
Giggle Pop
CandyRific LLC
Booth 2425
(502) 893-3626
Topped with a cap-wearing or wild-haired bobbling head, Giggle Pops make a “giggling” sound when kids gently shake them from side to side. Giggle Pops include a .38-ounce candy pop and have a suggested retail price of $1.99. Pops are packed 6/12/72 per case.
Fine Chocolate Collection
Bartons Confections
Booth 2029
(800) 289-4525
Century-old Bartons Confections debuts new packaging featuring bold stripes for its collection of fine chocolates, which include chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate candy canes and truffles. In addition, product innovations from Bartons include Panda Paws, a chunky mix of whole nuts and fruit topped with caramel and drizzled in dark chocolate; Mega Munch chocolate-covered popcorn with caramel, almonds and cashews and Chocolate Covered Belgian Cherries.
Chocolate Caramel Creams Tub
Goetze’s Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 831
(410) 342-2010
The 100-count Chocolate Caramel Creams Tub features rich chocolate caramels wrapped around a decadent cream center. This count-good item is packed in a clear tub display vehicle appropriate as a counter changemaker. Cases contain 12 tubs.
Tulip Taffy
Adams& Brooks Inc.
Booth 1511
(213) 749-3226
Fairtime brand Tulip Taffy comes in a clear, 12-ounce laydown bag with multi-colored printed tulip inner wraps around pink, yellow, green, lilac, orange and blue taffy pieces. Available in open stock case, PDQs or pallet programs, Tulip Taffy has a suggested retail price of $1.99.
Over The Hedge Pez
Pez Candy Inc.
Booth 800
(203) 795-0531
Dreamwork’s newest animated adventure comedy about woodland creatures is the inspiration for Pez’s dispenser assortment featuring RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle, Hammy the squirrel and Stella the skunk. The movie features the voices of Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, William Shatner, Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes and Nick Nolte.
New Mentos Foils, Cherry
Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc.
Booth 1025
(800) 283-5988
Newly designed Mentos rolls feature vibrant new designs for the most popular flavors. New colored foils include light blue for Mint, hot pink for Mixed Fruit, deep orange for Cinnamon and red for Strawberry. Shipment starts in Summer 2006. The changeover will happen automatically, with no changes in UPC codes. Suggested retail price is 85 cents. Mentos singles rolls come in a 120-count counter display. In addition, Mentos Mixed Fruit Boxes now include cherry flavor.
Financial Crunch Chocolate
Sweet Assets
(609) 279-0977
With packaging featuring George Washington, Financial Crunch Chocolate is a gourmet milk chocolate coin-shaped treat recently made available nationally by Sweet Assets. Financial Crunch tins contain 11 0.5-ounce pieces, dubbed a “banker’s dozen.”  Suggested retail price is $20. Cases contain 12 units.
New Wrigley Gum Flavors
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
Booth 2019
(800) 824-9681
Orbit, the number two gum franchise, second only to Wrigley’s Extra gum brand, is available in two new flavors, Lemon-Lime and Crystal Mint. Hubba Bubba Max is also available in a new flavor, Outrageous Original. And Altoids, “the curiously strong gum,” now comes in the new flavors of Spearmint and Wintergreen.
Bubble Toons Gum
Imaginings 3 Inc.
Booth 2033
(847) 647-1370
Bubble Toons, a new brand from Imaginings 3’s Flix Candy, is chunk gum printed with rice paper licensed character images such as Care Bears Blue Raspberry, Trollz Strawberry, Hot Wheels Blue Raspberry and a Scooby Doo 2-Flavor Combo of watermelon and green apple.
In a single 8-piece blister pack and 2-pack peggable hanging bag, the suggested retail price ranges are 99 cents to $1.19 and $1.99 to $2.19 respectively. A 6/12-count counter display and mixed-license 72-count powerwing/floor shipper are available.
Nostalgia Bag Line
Georgia Nut Co.
Booth 822
(847) 324-3622
Classic brands get new life with redesigned contemporary graphics featuring rich, vibrant colors that retain an “old time” essence. Slo Poke bite-size and suckers, Kits and BB-Bats are now available in 5-ounce hanging bags with a suggested retail price of $1.19. Georgia Nut Co. acquired these nostalgia brands in late 2004 and has since brought production in-house. Each of the four items is packed 24 bags per case.
Watermelon Twist Trident
Cadbury Adams USA
Booth 1519
(877) 492-3267
Trident Watermelon Twist sugarless gum has a tangy twist of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon flavors. Watermelon Twist builds on the success of Cadbury Adams’ popular Trident Tropical Twist flavor. Suggested retail price for the envelope-style 18-piece EZ Close Pack is 89 cents.
Jamaica and Kumasi
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker/Artisan Confections Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hershey Co.
Booth 1141
(800) 930-4528
Jamaica A L’Ancienne and Kumasi Sambirano are Limited Series, 3-ounce gourmet chocolate bars from Scharffen Berger. The hand-made Jamaica bar takes its unique flavor from Jamaican Trinitario beans and retails for $8. Kumasi is crafted from Madagascar Trinitario and Ghanaian Forastero beans and retails for $6.
Vegan Gummis
Edward & Sons
(310) 274-1072
Edward & Sons Trading Co. Inc. offers organic, vegan gummi candies under the Let’s Do…Organic brand. Fruity Gummy Feet is the latest in their line, which includes Ginger Gummy Guys and fruit juice-flavored Gummi Bears in classic, jelly, licorice and super-sour varieties. They are crafted with pectin rather than gelatin. The 3.5-ounce packages have a suggested retail price of $2.89.
Candy From Strangers
Blue Q
(860) 413-9703
Blue Q, known for its quirky gift, confection and personal care items, introduces its Candy from Strangers line of hard candy. In Lemon Sour, Peppermint and Sour Apple, the humorous packaging contains the tag line, “Your mom said it’s okay.”
Premium Dark Chocolate
Madelaine Chocolates
Booth 2204
(800) 322-1505
For the “educated palate,” Madelaine has developed a line of all-natural, premium dark chocolate with a high, 72 percent cocoa content. Available in a solid 1.8-ounce bar and Mini Hearts foiled in deep brown and copper, Madelaine’s dark chocolate also covers a variety of panned products, including blueberries, cranberries, almonds and cashews. All these ingredients are touted for their health benefits.
Sofa Surprise
Cap Candy
Booth 805
(707) 251-9321
Sofa Surprise from Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro, lets kids dig under the cushions to find a treasure trove of treats – from hard candy pizza and sandwiches to coins and even a fish skeleton. For children aged three and older, Sofa Surprise has a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Disney Princess Line
Imaginings 3 Inc.
Booth 2033
(847) 647-1370
Imaginings 3’s Flix Candy has created a line of Disney Princess interactive candy-toys. Princess Pop Pals mini collectible figurines, including Cinderella, Belle and Ariel, in protective domes, sit on top of a generous 17 gram pop that comes in raspberry, watermelon and green apple. Suggested retail price range is $1.49 to $1.99. Pack size is 2/12 count and a 72-count shipper is available. The Little Mermaid Musical Ring, featuring Ariel, plays music with the press of a button. Each pop has a picture that kids can eat, featuring classic scenes from the movie. Suggested retail price range is $1.99 to $2.19. Pack size is 2/12 and a 60-count shipper is available.
Bubble Wrap Chocolate
Bubble Wrap Candy Inc.
Booth 352
(856) 753-0118
Like “bubbles wrapped in chocolate,” this unique confection comes in three varieties: Bubbly Milk Chocolate, Bubbly 60 percent Dark Chocolate and Bubbly Coffee Milk Chocolate. Bubble Wrap is a 2.82-ounce, aerated chocolate bar that offers a special sensation as it melts on the tongue.
Fruit Sours Theater Box
Judson-Atkinson Candies
Booth 919
(800) 962-3984
Judson-Atkinson’s Fruit Sours, in production for more than 100 years, are now available in a 4.5-ounce theater box. With a suggested retail price of $1.49, the varieties available are Cherry, Assorted, Blue Raspberry and Tropical flavors. The 12-count display tray can be easily merchandised on store shelves. Theater boxes are also available in 36-count cases that can be assorted with two flavors, or in a straight 12-count case.
We Care Gummies
Candy Planet, a division of Monogram Int.
Booth 452
(800) 845-4726
Candy Planet has created two new lines of candy products to aid causes near and dear to their customers’ hearts: We Care Gummy Ribbons of Hope and We Care Gummy Dogs and Cats. Ten percent of the profits from sales of these candies will be donated to breast cancer research and the humane treatment of animals throughout the United States.
Brach’s Orchard Fruit
Brach’s Confections Inc.
Booth 1515
(800) 283-6659
This new line of premium, fortified confections under the umbrella of Orchard Fruit are  “better-for-you” gummies and jelly beans made with real fruit juice and enriched with vitamins. Orchard Fruit Jelly Beans includes cherry, strawberry, grape, orange, apple and lemon. Orchard Fruit Sour Jelly Beans features cherry, grape, orange, apple and lemon. Both are available in a 14-ounce bag. Orchard Fruit Gummi Bears and Orchard Fruit Gummies featuring fruit shapes come in cherry, grape, fruit punch, orange, strawberry and apple and are available in a six-ounce hanging bag.
New Jellies Packaging
Sunrise Confections
Booth 2247
(915) 877-4079
Three new 30-ounce bags of jellies join Sunrise Confections’ candy line. The introduction of these value packs of Orange Slices, Fruit Slices and Spice Drops capitalizes on the success of the company’s 14-ounce size of jellies in brightly colored packages. In addition, the packaging’s unique colors by SKU help communicate product differentiation to consumers and retail store personnel.
Bear Bubble Gum
Mineco Corp.
Booth 244
(714) 736-9438
Pastel-colored Bear Bubble Gum comes in four-count blister packs with four assorted fruit flavors: strawberry, tutti-frutti, melon and grape. Each jumbo 6-gram piece of teddy bear-shaped gum is individually hand-decorated. Available in a 12-count display, Bear Bubble Gum has a suggested retail price of 65 cents.
Dynatech Action Inc.
Booth 1258
(800) 359-6088
Now it’s okay to play with your food, and eat your toys with Edibles from Dynatech. These candy action figures have movable parts, with articulating joints that allow kids to pose the characters. Recommended for kids aged six and older, Edibles have a suggested retail price of $4.99
Cars Interactive Line
Imaginings 3 Inc.
Booth 2033
(847) 647-1370
Imaginings 3’s Flix Candy introduces a new line timed with the launch of the Disney/Pixar movie “Cars,” on June 9, 2006. The Cars Projector Pop shines images of characters Lightning McQueen, Sally or Mater up to 10 feet away on a wall. Suggested retail price range for the 15 gram pop is $1.29 to $1.49. The Cars Pop Slider is a sliding sucker with a toy on top. Pops come in blue raspberry, watermelon and green apple, and suggested retail price range is $1.49 to $1.99. Cars Ring Racer Lollipops ring pops have an edible picture of each of the main characters in blue raspberry, watermelon and green apple flavors. Suggested retail price range is 59 to 79 cents.
Attack Treats
Cap Candy
Booth 805
(707) 251-9321
An Army-styled G.I Joe Sigma 6 tank holds 12 gummy men inside of Attack Treats from Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro. For children aged three and older, Attack Treats have a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Montes Peg Bags
Montes USA Inc.
Booth 2225
(602) 433-1656
Mexico’s milk-based candy company has become a major supplier of Hispanic candy to dollar store retailers in the United States, and has shifted the size of its peg-bag line to six ounces to cater to that channel. Montes’ traditional Mexican candy line features sales leaders such as Tomy and Damy, as well as Super Natilla, Vanilla Caramels, Ricos Besos and Paleta Sellada.
Best of Pick-a-Mix
Brach’s Confections Inc.
Booth 1515
(800) 283-6659
This mix of popular Brach’s Pick-a-Mix candies now comes together in one 28-ounce bag. Included are Milk Maid Caramels, Milk Maid Royal Caramel Rolls, Special Treasure Butter Toffees, Brach’s Fruit Slices, Rich and Dreamy Chocolate Cremes and Sundaes Coconut Neapolitans. Ten laydown bags come in each case.
KoKo’s Confectionery & Novelties
Booth 2615
(800) 638-6000
Taking advantage of the “glow craze,” KoKo’s Confectionery launches Snap-n-Glow Pops with a handle that lights up a 1.2-ounce lollipop. To activate the glow effect, kids bend the stick and shake the lollipop. Tangy flavors are green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry and lemon. Snap-n-Glow is sold in 30-count mini-tubs for an attractive P-O-P display. There are six tubs in a display box.
Screaming Sour Powder Pods
Innovative Candy Concepts
Booth 1900
(404) 696-4178
Screaming Sour Powder Pods from Too Tarts Smart Choice have flip top lids with sour powder inside. Made without refined sugar, these “extraterrestrial” pods have only 18 calories per serving and are diabetic-friendly. Flavors are “Bluebewwy,” “Strawbewwy” and “Gween Apple.”
Twizzler Rainbow
The Hershey Co.
Booth 1141
(717) 534-4200
All the vibrant colors of the rainbow are represented in Hershey’s new Twizzler Rainbow chewy twists. Flavors are orange, strawberry, lemonade, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape. Pack types include 9-ounce packed in an 18-count carton; 12.4-ounce laydown bag in a 12-count RSC case and a 24-count DRC case.
New Taffy Floor Display
Sweet City Inc.
Booth 1910
(800) 793-3824
Sweet City introduces a combination powerwing/floorstand display for its Remember When Old Fashioned Candy Shop Salt Water Taffy. The display contains 108 5-ounce taffy bags. Suggested retail price range is $1.49 to $1.98.
Strawberri Cream Peg Bag
Goetze’s Candy Co. Inc.
Booth 831
(410) 342-2010
The new 5-ounce StrawberriCream Peg Bag features the “Swirl Theme” of the Caramel Creams brand, plus a window to showcase the product. Placing StrawberriCream peg bags side-by-side with the 5-ounce Caramel Creams peg bags creates a “billboard” effect for instant consumer recognition.
Super Jocks
Cap Candy
Booth 805
(707) 251-9321
Complete with a 4-inch sports action figure and gumballs, Super Jocks is two treats in one. Kids set their gumball in their line of fire, pull back, aim and let go to score in golf, soccer or hockey games. Super Jocks gumballs are sold separately, attached to a blister pack that doubles as a scorecard.
Tootsie Roll Line Extension the First in a Century
Tootsie Roll Mini Chews
Tootsie Roll Ind.
Booth 2200
(773) 838-3400 x2786
Tootsie Roll Mini Chews, bite-sized morsels covered in real milk chocolate, are the first line extension of the Tootsie Roll brand in more than 100 years. The company’s consumer testing revealed a 97 percent positive response to the new product. They are available in 2.5- and 4.5-ounce boxes. Packaging features purple highlights and a new logo.
Topps Overhauls Iconic Bazooka Brand
Bazooka Re-launch
The Topps Co. Inc.
Booth 1547
(212) 376-0624
Topps re-launches the heritage Bazooka brand with a new product formulation, innovative items and kid-grabbing graphics. Bazooka Bubble Gum was introduced in 1947 and has since become a popular cultural icon. The all-new line includes twist wrap pieces; bubble gum gumballs; bubble gum-filled pops; all-new, updated comics featuring Bazooka Joe and his gang and collectible, redeemable Bazooka premiums such as recording pens and binoculars, t-shirts, watches, gumball machines and baseball caps.
Hydratech Introduces Energy Strips Powered by Botanical Ingredients
Hydratech Innovations
(647) 299-6999
Diablo Ice Energy Strips are designed to increase and sustain energy and boost concentration while leaving the breath “icy-cool.” The active ingredients come from all natural botanicals, including guarana, ginseng, Vitamin C and cranberry extract. Energy Strips, which dissolve on the tongue and are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, are sugar-, fat-, carbohydrate- and ephedrine-free. Three strips deliver the equivalent energy boost of the average energy drink. They are packed in a convenient, pocket-sized case.
Ferrara Distributes Premium European Confections in the U.S.
Ferrara Pan Candy Co.
Booth 1134
(800) 323-1768
Ferrara Pan has obtained principal distribution rights in the United States to Kraft Foods’ four premium chocolate brands: Toblerone, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Milka and Cote D’Or. Of the collection, Cote D’Or is the newcomer to the U.S. chocolate market and is number one in the Belgian market. Toblerone is Swiss chocolate made with honey and nougat, Terry’s is a blend of chocolate and orange shaped into an orange, Milka is smooth Alpine milk chocolate and Cote d’Or is made from high quality cocoa beans from around the world.