Factoids And Good Information
Lisbeth Echeandia
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One of the many cool features of Stagnito’s Daily Brief (a great source of information — check it out at www.stagnito.com, subscription is free) is the weekly poll. The questions in the poll cover everything from energy prices to organic foods, and the response rate is very high. In the interest of sharing knowledge, here are some interesting samples of what our readers think.
Question: Are there too many trade shows in the food industry?    
Answer:   Yes:  86%   No: 14%     Total No. of Responses: 602

Will the role of traditional food brokers diminish over the next five years?
Answer:  Yes:   70%   No: 30%     Total No. of Responses: 410

Will the combined sales volume of dollar stores peak and start to decline within three years?
Answer:  Yes:  39%   No: 61%   Total No. of Responses: 464

 Is syndicated data of little value without sales figures from Wal-Mart and club stores?
Answer:  Yes: 51%   No: 49%  
Total No. of Responses: 453

Lots of Data, Too Little Info
At least that’s how it seems to me at times. A lot of people I speak with ‘have the data,’ when asked a question, but don’t quite know how to deliver it so that it becomes a useful tool. And a lot of great stuff doesn’t get filtered down from HQ to the people on the front lines who could benefit from the knowledge.
It all comes back to ‘don’t assume knowledge.’ And when you have great research, share it with as many people inside and outside the company as you can. And package it right for the audience. You want them to use and understand it. So don’t make them have to work too hard to pull out the gems. They likely won’t take the time.
Expanding Opportunities
I mentioned in my column in the previous issue that ‘alternate’ outlets are a major opportunity for confectionery and snacks.  Don’t miss this month’s News section, where you’ll read all about Kinko’s candy and snack offering! That could mean a total of 1,300 ‘new’ locations for candy, gum and snacks. Good news indeed.
Go Ahead And Vote ….. At Least Twice
Please take the time to visit our website and place your vote to help us determine who our Retailer of the Year — winner of the Flame of Excellence — will be in 2006. H-E-B, our winner in 2005, will be a tough act to follow, and we’re counting on you to make sure we don’t miss any worthy candidates for this honor. Just click on the Flame of Excellence on Confectioner’s home page, and you’ll go straight to the ballot.
Also on the website you have the opportunity to help Candy Industry Magazine’s Kettle Committee decide who will be the 2006 Recipient of the prestigious Kettle Award. The 61st Award will be presented at a reception on June 7th in Chicago.  The nominees this year are Bill Kelley of Jelly Belly Candy Company, Tom Ward, Russell Stover Candy Company, and Jim Sconza of the Sconza Candy Company.
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