Tootsie pop Tropical Stormz
Tootsie Roll Industries
(773) 838-3400
Five tropical flavored Tootsie Pops round out this new assortment. The hard candy on each pop is a combination of two tropical flavors presented in a colorful swirl to provide visual interest and unique flavor delivery. Each pop — Berry Berry Punch, Citrus Punch, Orange/Pineapple, Lemon/Lime and Strawberry/Banana — is filled with chewy Tootsie Roll and wrapped in wrappers that identify the flavors. Suggested retail price is 10 cents. A scannable UPC bar code is printed on the stick. Tropical Stormz Pops are packed in colorful 48-count display boxes with 12 boxes per shipping case.
Twizzlers Twerps
Hershey Foods Corp.
(717) 534-5465
Twizzlers Twerps are strawberry and orange, bite-sized pieces of chewy candy filled with a tart, tangy center. Suggested retail prices are 59 cents for a 1.8-ounce and $1.79 for a 10-ounce bag. The launch is supported by television advertising, consumer promotions and targeted sampling.
New JBz Flavors, Packaged Assortment
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
(800) 323-9380
With chocoholics in mind, the Jelly Belly Candy Co. introduces four new flavors in its JBz line: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Vanilla and Chocolate Strawberry. In addition, a new five-flavor assortment in 3-ounce bags and 1.4-ounce boxes features Chocolate Cappuccino, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut. The assortment is packed in 12-count display caddies with a chocolate swirl pop-up header. All 12 flavors of JBz are now available in 10-pound bulk cases.
Chiclets Fruit Fiesta
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
(973) 909-2752
Three flavors come in each pack of sugar-free Chiclets Fruit Fiesta pellet gum —strawberry, orange and citrus. Launching in June 2005, this new product will be line-priced with current Chiclets sugar-free pellet gums, with a suggested retail price of 99 cents.
Crayola Candy Bonz
CandyRific LLC
(620) 269-4341
Kids can squeeze one end of this dog bone-shaped lollipop candy and play with the squeak toy, eat the lollipop or save it for later. Suggested retail price is 99 cents. Licensed Crayola Candy Bonz are packed in a colorful 18-count display box.
Rain-Blo Theater Box
Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co. Inc.
(800) 533-0330
Rain-Blo Assorted Bubble Gum Balls, the newest addition to Farley’s & Sathers theater box line, features an easy pour spout. The brightly colored 2-gram gumballs come in wintergreen, banana, orange, cherry, grape and lemon-lime in 4-ounce boxes. Cases hold 12 boxes.
Trident White Cinnamon Tingle
Cadbury Adams USA LLC
(973) 909-2752
This sugarless gum is now available in a new spicy/sweet blend. Cinnamon Tingle combines a unique, long-lasting cinnamon flavor with Trident’s “2-Way Whitening Power” to whiten teeth and help prevent stains from forming, according to Cadbury Adams. All Trident White flavors contain Recaldent, a milk-derived remineralizing ingredient that helps strengthen teeth by delivering nutrients to the tooth surface. Suggested retail prices are 89 cents for a 12-piece pack and $1.99 for a 36-piece value three-pack.
Organic Sticks
Rapunzel Pure Organics
(800) 207-2814
Organic Raspberry Yogurt Sticks and Organic Latte Macchi-ato Sticks are billed as “little indulgences that go a long way in satisfying a sweet tooth.” Packaged in a display box of 48 individually wrapped sticks, they have a suggested retail price of $1.09. Yogurt Sticks are milk chocolate-covered raspberry yogurt with freeze-dried raspberries, do not contain any hydrogenated fats or refined sugar, and are made with “fair trade” ingredients. Latte Sticks are white chocolate-covered espresso crème with hazelnuts and ground coffee, and won the BioFach 2004 award for Best New Food Product of the Show.
Bubble Gum Booster
The Topps Co. Inc.
(212) 376-0300
Kids can “re-flavor” this bubble gum with crunchy candy “boosters” that they place in a container for shaking. Suggested retail price is 99 cents. Bubble Gum Boosters are available in a 15-count display box, 84-count merchandiser and powerwing.
Sonric’s/Sweet Success Candy Co.
(561) 793-8932
Sonric’s, a $200 million Mexican candy brand, along with importer Sweet Success Candy Co., is embarking on a rollout of Sonric’s products in the United States. Included is the Rockaleta line. The Rockaleta Shok’s Pack of artificially flavored mango chewing gum coated with chili is 5.6 ounces and retails for $1.49. Rockaleta Lollipops, with alternate layers of chili and artificially flavored mango gum center, come in a 28.5-ounce dispenser, 38-ounce jar, 19-ounce bag and 5.7-ounce pack. Suggested retail prices are $10.50, $12, $4.99 and $1.49 respectively. Rockaleta Dark is a 19-ounce lollipop with alternate chili layers and a tamarind center. Suggested retail price is $4.99.