M&M’s Move to the Dark Side (of Chocolate)

For Coming Star Wars Episode III Promotion
As all true Star Wars fans know, the plot of Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, involves Anakin Skywalker’s unfortunate fall from grace and move to the Dark Side.
The good news, however, is that Star Wars candy licensees are going to light up consumers’ lives with lots of fun new offerings tied to the movie, which opens on May 19.
Masterfoods USA is unveiling a limited run offering of dark chocolate M&M’s. Under the banner of  “The Star Wars M-Pire” promotion, Masterfoods will dare M&M’s fans to “go to the dark side” by opting for a special Darth Mix of dark chocolate M&M’s or stay with the light (milk chocolate) side and enjoy a Jedi Mix. The Darth Mix features bold, dark M&M colors, while the hues of the candy coating are lighter and more muted in the Jedi Mix. Both are offered in plain and peanut varieties.  
The collectible packages—which show M&M’s characters in Star Wars costumes and movie scenarios—will be available April 2.
M&M’s Minis tubes with Star Wars character tops and lightsabers will also be sold.
Masterfoods’ Skittles and Kudos brands are participating in the promotion too. Skittles packages will feature a one-time use code that provides access to an online video game, “Masters of the Galaxy,” at www.skittles com. Kudos offers collectible cards and an instant-win game that offers the chance to win a Star Wars family vacation.
Finally, Masterfoods’ Lucas Brand Crazy Hair will boast a 12-count countertop display of Star Wars versions of the gooey fruit novelty candy.
Cap Candy
Cap will get playful with several offerings.
Star Wars Spliquid Lightsaber Candy, styled to replicate the Jedi weapon, is filled with liquid glitter candy dispensed through a recloseable spout at the saber’s tip. The suggested retail price is $2.99.
Star Wars Spin Pop assortment includes Darth Vader wielding his lightsaber and Chewbacca taking aim with his crossbow, while a strawberry-flavored lollipop spins above. The suggested retail price is $3.99.
Star Wars Pop Toppers feature classic characters with a hidden treat and may be clipped on backpacks or belts. Busts of Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Yoda each store a lollipop inside. The suggested retail price is $1.99.
Brand New Products
The company marks the movie debut with the April 4 rollout of three Giant Pez Dispensers inspired by Episode III—General Grievous, The Death Star and Emperor Palpatine.
Limited Edition Giant Pez Dispensers including a gold-plated C-3PO and colored crystal Yoda and Darth Vader characters, will be available March 15.
Each of the dispensers comes with 12 packs of Pez candy. Some light up and/or play authentic Star Wars music, dialog and movie sound effects. The average retail price of Giant Pez Dispensers is $24.99.
A Force for the Future
Episode III may be the final Star Wars film, but licensing linked to these cinematic classics "will be around for many, many years to come," says Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing.
"Our position in licensing Star Wars has consistently been to plan for the long term, and our approach to Episode III is no different," Roffman continues. "We will have a robust program, smaller than what we did behind Episode I and more than we did behind Episode II."