Omegas Sour Eggs
American Licorice Co.
(800) 220-2399
Omegas Sour Eggs is the newest addition to American Licorice’s Sour Punch line. Featuring a sweet and sour flavor, sour coating and new smooth and chewy texture, the brightly colored eggs come in strawberry, apple, blue raspberry and Citrus Blast flavors. The 4.5-ounce theater box can be merchandised in a standup or laydown orientation, with a matching display caddy. Suggested retail price is 99 cents and candy is available in 24-count display boxes with 12 boxes per case.
Gemz Finger Lites
Malibu Toys
(818) 772-7888
Malibu Toys aims at the “’tween” market with an exclusive sponsorship deal with pop group The Gemz for its leading Finger Lites Light-Up Candy Rings. Finger Lites will be distributed at all Gemz tour appearances, including performances at malls, camps and record stores nationwide, and the five-member girl group will wear the candy rings during promotional appearances. Future printings of the group’s debut album will also include Finger Lites stickering. In return, Finger Lites will act as lead sponsor for the Gemz tour. Finger Lites uses cutting-edge, patent pending technology to light up the candy from inside. Available in everyday and seasonal shapes, it comes in cherry, green apple, orange and lemon. Suggested retail price is 99 cents.
Novelty Candy Dispensers
Kandy Kastle Inc.
(858) 569-4101
Big Burp is a mouth-shaped candy dispenser that emits a loud electronic “burp” sound when activated. Suggested retail price is $1.99.  Lick’n Good candy gel squeezes out of the eyes and mouth of either a snake, lizard or alligator face dispenser. Available in sour apple, sour blue raspberry and sour red raspberry flavors, it retails for 99 cents and includes a plastic cap for storage.
Girls’ Novelties
Ludo LLC
(440) 542-6000
Ludo launches three new novelty candy items with little girls in mind. The Magic Candy Wand in pink or purple comes with a heart-shaped top filled with candy. When shaken, it lights up and makes a magical sound. Suggested retail price is $3.99. The Candy Purse With Fashion Doll is pink with a beaded strap that contains heart-shaped candies and a fashion doll. Suggested retail price is $3.99. Lollipop Lipstick has one of four flavored lollipops inside. Suggested retail price is 49 cents. The Candy Harmonica comes in three colors, has candy in a secret compartment, and features a lenticular lens and key chain.
Novelty Candy Toys
Candy Planet, a division of Monogram International Inc.
(727) 536-1941
Eight new interactive candies are available from Candy Planet. Travel Candy Toothbrush is a lollipop with sour “toothpaste” that squeezes through the pop. Head Stix are candy sticks that kids can slide through sour dip. Flick ‘n Spin Pinwheel Pop has five flavors and a button to flick the pop to the next flavor. Tye Dyed Tongue is a large roller ball that allows kids to “paint” their tongues. All have a suggested retail price of 99 cents. Light-Up Flick ‘n Spin Pinwheel Pop has a suggested retail price of $1.99.  Lip Licker Mini retails for 49 cents. My Sea Buddy Lollipops are shaped like sea animals in a unique package that allows them to “float” above the box. Suggested retail price is 25 cents. Snow Cone Candy, at 69 cents, is sour candy that squeezes up through the cone.
Blueberry Crème Doublers,
Tropical Fruits
Hillside Candy
(800) 524-1304
Hillside’s Golightly brand introduces two new sugar-free/zero net carb offerings in peg bags – Blueberry Crème Doublers double-flavor chews and Tropical Fruits hard candy. Other Crème Doublers flavors are Strawberry Crème, Chocolate Crème and Peach Crème. The Tropical Fruits assortment, developed to appeal to the Hispanic market, features pina colada, strawberry kiwi, peach mango and passion fruit flavors. New packaging graphics highlight the candy’s status as sugar and carbohydrate-free treats. Suggested retail price range is $1.49 to $1.79. They are available in bulk and 12-count cases.
Spicy Peanut Roll
Standard Candy Co.
(800) 226-4340
Cajun-spiced peanuts add kick to the Spicy Peanut Roll, which has a nougat center enrobed with creamy caramel.  Standard performed extensive product testing before introducing the confection, and found that 74 percent of those polled liked the flavor combination, regardless of age or background, according to the company. Standard also offers a Salty Peanut Roll. Both are priced to sell with king-size bars.
Peace Crane Bar
Endangered Species Chocolate Co.
(800) 293-0160
The inspiration for this 3-ounce milk chocolate with almonds bar is renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. The wrapper features an image of a sandhill crane along with Dr. Goodall’s account of her observation of the bird’s migration inside. Goodall conceived the product name after observing the spirited cranes along Nebraska’s Platte River. The Endangered Species Chocolate Co. donates 10 percent of profits to various environmental organizations.
Coffee Rio Shippers
Adams & Brooks Inc.
(800) 999-9808
Colorful 72-count floor stand displays are now available for Coffee Rio hard candy caramels in 6-ounce bags. Each shipper contains 24 of each flavor – Original Roast, Kona Blend and Caffe Latte. Suggested retail price is $1.69. Adams & Brooks also offers a 120-count Perk Pack shipper for its .75-ounce, on-the-go Coffee Rio in Original Roast for 25 cents retail. Promotions include Off Invoice Allowance.
Bavarian Mints
Supreme Chocolatier
(718) 761-9600
The Supreme Chocolatier, new owner of the House of Bauer brand name, has reintroduced the original Bavarian Mints line, using the original formula. It is available in Milk Chocolate Mint Meltaways, Hazelnut Meltaways, Milk Chocolate Meltaways and Dark Chocolate Mint Meltaways. All House of Bauer Mints are sold in 24-pack cartons and in bulk. Suggested retail price is $2.99.
Diablo Ignited Sours
Big Sky Brands Inc.
(888) 624-4759
These sour, fruit-flavored candies are infused with chili extract for flavor intensity. Available in Ignited Citrus and Ignited Tropical flavors, each 75-piece tin has a suggested retail price of $1.49. Packed in a single-file, six-count display, the product requires only one inch of linear shelf space.
Animal Shaped Shortbread
Walkers Shortbread Ltd.
(800) 521-0141
Teddy Bears, Highland Cows, Scottie Dogs and Sheep come in 6.2-ounce cartons of Walkers Shortbread Animal Shapes, featuring the company’s signature tartan plaid and ribbon logo. The packaging shows the menagerie placed next to daisies and buttercups, displayed on a white linen napkin. Each carton contains 12 cookies, three in each shape. Suggested retail price is $3.99.
Grape Blast Sour Punch Straws
American Licorice Co.
(800) 220-2399
American Licorice has reformulated its Sour Punch grape flavor. Blue-and-yellow-colored Grape Blast Sour Punch Straws have a suggested retail price of 59 cents. The 2-ounce packages are available in a 24-count display box. Sour Punch is also available in Bites, Twists and Ropes. Other flavors include strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, Citrus Blast and Berry Blast.
Fairtime Taffy
Adams & Brooks Inc.
(800) 999-9808
Available year-round, Fairtime Taffy also ships automatically in special fall and spring packaging to observe Halloween and Easter. Each bag contains a variety of flavors, including raspberry, watermelon, strawberry-lemon, strawberry-vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, wintergreen and orange. It is available in a 16-ounce family bag, 8-ounce dollar-store bag and 4-ounce hanging bag/vending pack. Fairtime Taffy is also available in sugar-free, with slightly different pricing and flavor offerings.
Organic FunPops
College Farm Organic, a division of JOEL, Inc.
(800) 367-2441
Offered in flavors intended to appeal to the younger crowd, Organic FunPops use the same USDA Certified Organic ingredients as the company’s bagged candy. Available in Tropical Treat, Cheery Cherry, Wild Berry and Citrus Blast, FunPops contain only natural flavors and colors, are gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no nuts or dairy products. In addition, College Farm Organic candy is now available in an assorted flavor Barn Box designed to resemble the barns that dot the countryside around the company’s headquarters.
Natural Premium Chocolate Bars
Korkunov Chocolatier
(201) 569-4884
Russia’s first premium chocolate company introduces a new line of all-natural, 3.5-ounce premium chocolate bars in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with whole almonds, milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts. Korkunov supplies 11 percent of all chocolate and 47 percent of all premium chocolate sold in Russia.
Sparkle Lollipop Paint Shop
Impact Confections Inc.
(877) 770-POPS
New to Impact’s lineup of tongue-painting dipping candy, Sparkle Lollipop Paint Shop features a sparkling hard candy paintbrush and confetti candy.  Flavors include Blazin’ Banana Split, Brilliant Bubble Gum, Dazzlin’ Cotton Candy, Sunny Tropical Punch and Gleamin’ Wild Berry.  It is available in a 20-count counter display, 30-count power wing and 144-count dump bin shipper.
Sweet Cred Line
The Jel Sert Co.
(630) 876-4929
Sweet Cred, a hot new international line of kids’ confectionery products, combines candy and toys to give children of all ages a chance to play with their food.
Derived from the Hip-Hop slang expression, Street Cred, the Sweet Cred portfolio includes items with a bit of an edge, geared toward children of all ages and with suggested retail prices of from $1.99 to $2.99.
Wrist Lickers are hard fruity candies encased in a plastic cover on a watch-like strap. They’re available in strawberry, raspberry and orange flavors.
Sweet Cred Movables are tubes of fruit-flavored hard candy with a variety of  action toys affixed to the top. The Movables line will feature fresh item introductions throughout the year, including Skateboarders, Road Builders, Choppers, Space Shots, Xtreme Wheels, RevHeads, and more.
Sweet Cred Cuties are unique hand-painted collectible porcelain dolls featuring a variety of outfits and packaged with a rainbow lollipop.
"I Dare You"
Groovy Candies
(888) 729-1960
The "I Dare You" gift box for Halloween is a "gleefully gross" collection of hot, sour and weird confections. Included are Larvets – "The Original Worm Snax" (insect larvae rolled in Mexican spices), the Cricket-Lick-It Lollipop (with a real cricket inside), Toxic Waste "Hazardously Sour Candy," Shockers, Screamers, Stinky Feet, Tangy Tongue, Viper Venom, and Atomic Fireball. I Dare You is available from, which sells more than 2,000 nostalgic candies over the Internet. Cost is $18.95, less if purchased in quantity.