Coco-luxe Chocolate Bar Collection

Coco-Luxe Confections • San Francisco
1-415-367-4012 •
Coco-Luxe Confections has expanded on its initialCoco-luxeChocolate Bar Collection with theRoark Bar, the company’s highest cocoa content dark chocolate bar; theBessie Bar, with rich milk chocolate embellished with piebald patches of white chocolate bringing extra vanilla tones; and theSpumoni Bar, which echoes the traditional pink, brown and green of Italian spumoni ice cream with white chocolate that’s generously studded with tart dried cherries, pistachio nuts and cocoa nibs. The bars are 2.5-oz. and have a suggested retail price of $5.50.

Q.bel Wafer Rolls and Bars

Q.bel Foods LLC • Nyack, N.Y.
1-845-358-1475 •
Q.bel Foods’ new line of all-natural chocolate candy bars comes in the following varieties: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Wafer Rolls; and Crispy Rice Dark Chocolate, Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars. Each item is made without any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. The suggested retail price per bar or roll is $1.39-$1.69.

Organic Chocolate Seeds

Nahualli Trading Co. • Raleigh, N.C.
1- 919-961-1984 •
After introducing its originalChocolate Seeds, Raleigh, Nahualli Trading Co. has launched an organic version. To make theOrganic Chocolate Seeds, criollo cacao seeds sourced from fair trade and organic Ecuadorian farmers are shelled, roasted and then coated in organic dark chocolate. The seeds have a suggested retail price of $9.95 for a 4-oz. bag and $17.95 for a 7-oz. bag. At the end of summer 2009, Nahualli also plans introduce 1-oz., 100% recyclable containers of both products.

Deep Knee Beans

TandemRain Innovations • Vancouver, Wash.
1-360-597-1600 •
For athletes or individuals looking to remain active as they age, TandemRain has addedDeep Knee Beansto its Sports Rejuvenation line. The beans contain 500 mg. of the joint health nutrientActivMSM per bag and come in Tangerine, Lemon Lime, Fruit Fusion and Blueberry Blast flavors.ActivMSM received FDA GRAS non-objection status in 2008 and has been shown to support a healthy metabolism related to inflammation and cartilage degradation, and a favorable response to factors that promote joint and cartilage health. The suggested retail price per 24-count box is $22.85.

Newman's Own Organics Signature Series

Newman’s Own Organics • Aptos, Calif.
1-813-685-2866 •
Newman’s Own Organics launched its first line of organic chocolate bars in 1995. Fourteen years later, the company is expanding with its newSignature Series. The USDA-certified organic and Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate bars come in six varieties: Dark (54% cocoa), Espresso Dark (54% cocoa), Orange Dark (54% cocoa), Super Dark (70% cocoa), Milk (34% cocoa) and Mocha Milk (34% cocoa). A 2.25-oz. bar retails for $2.99; a 3.25-oz. bar retails for $3.69.

B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bars

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier • Minneapolis
1-612-331-8800 •
B.T. McElrath has introduced a line of five, 3-oz. chocolate bar varieties blended from American, European and Colombian chocolates. Consumers can choose from 70% dark, 40% milk, Chile Limón, Passion Fruit & Tangerine and Salty Dog (toffee pieces covered in 70% dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt). Additionally, the line features new packaging, which carries over to the company’s truffles line. The suggested retail price is $24 per 1-count case.

Chocolate Santander Columbian Single Origin Bar

Chocolate Santander
Columbia, South America
The latest addition to Chocolate Santander’s line of Columbian Single Origin dark chocolate is made with 75% cacao - the highest cacao content of any of its bars. In addition, all the beans used to make the bars come from one crop, “vintage 2008.” The suggested retail price per 2.45-oz. bar is $2.95.

Choclatique Moon Rocks Collection

Choclatique • Los Angleles
1-310-479-3849 •
Choclatique’s newMoon RocksCollection honors the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon. It’s composed of a variety of dark, milk and white chocolates created to represent samples of moon rocks. These dynamically shaped chocolates have a multifaceted design that replicates a crystalline structure found in the rocks and craters on the surface of the moon. The assortment features fifteen flavors in bright, metallic colors, including Apollo Almond, Moon Rock Mousse, Cosmic Caramel Crunch and Stellar Short Cake. The suggested retail price is $30 per box.