New varieties of fan favorites, licensed introductions for major motion pictures, portion-control packaging and novelties for kids of all ages are among the many innovations you'll discover at the 2009 ALL CANDY EXPO, May 19-21, at Chicago's McCormick Place West. The following are just a handful of the products that will be on display at the annual show.  

Buyers: Be sure to visit first-time exhibitors, including confectioners, chocolatiers and snack producers, in addition to tried-and-true manufacturers, for more in-store ideas.

Jelly Belly Kids Mix

Jelly Belly Candy Co.
Booth #831

Jelly Belly Candy Co.’sJelly Belly’s Kids Mixfeatures 20 flavors selected by kids, for kids. Chosen flavors include Very Cherry, Green Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry and Watermelon. All together, the mix contains 20 different flavors, in stores now. AllJelly Belly jelly beans are gelatin-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and certified OU kosher. The suggested retail price is $1.99-2.49 per 3.5-oz. bag.

Climate Change Chocolate

Bloomsberry & Co.
Booth #1483

Climate Change Chocolateall-natural bars are available in milk and dark chocolate varieties, featuring 15 tips to reduce one’s carbon footprint on their wrappers. Each bar also comes with a TerraPass offset for 133 lbs. of verified carbon, which is the amount emitted by the average American in one day. These offsets fund clean energy and efficiency projects such as wind farms and methane digesters to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The suggested retail price per bar is $4.95.

Sour Power Straw Packages

Dorval Trading Co.
Booth #1101

Dorval Trading has added a Blue Raspberry flavor to itsSour Power Straw Packageline. TheSour Powerbrand is available in straws and belts, all in wrapped, unwrapped or bulk formats, and in a variety of package types and flavors. The suggested retail price for a 9-piece, 1.75-oz. package is $0.79-$0.99.

Mike and Ike

Just Born Inc.
Booth #2001

Just Born’sMike and Ike brand now comes in a new variety:Berry Blast, which is composed of Strawberry, Peach Berry, Wild Berry, Blueberry and Blue Raspberry flavors. The suggested retail price per bag is $0.35-$1.59.

Cars Mater Teeth Lip Pops

Flix/Imaginings 3
Booth #2031

Flix Candy’s newCars Mater Teeth Lip Popsplay on the fun of Mater from the movie “Cars” and create excitement for the planned sequel. Each package contains a large 23-g. pop with different Mater Teeth face cards for kids to collect. They’re available in three flavors: Wild Blue Raspberry, Extreme Green Apply and Watermelon Cooler. The suggested retail price is $1.09-$1.39 per pop.

Hi-Voltage Sour Bubble Gum

Candy Dynamics
Booth #2309

Each package ofToxic Waste Hi-Voltage Bubble Gumcontains more than 2 ft. of rope-style bubble gum with a Shockingly Sour Core. It’s available in Amp’d Apple, Surgin’ Strawberry and Blackout Blue Razz flavors. The suggested retail price is $0.99 per package.


SweetWorks, Inc.
Booth #434

SweetWorks has introducedQbits, which combine sweet, salty and crunchy flavors.Qbits are a combination of peanuts, flakes, crisps and pretzels coated with creamy milk chocolate. The snacks are packaged in 5-oz. bags with an eye-catching green-and-purple design. The suggested retail price is $3.29 per bag.

Xtreme Energy Rush Mango

BDI Marketing
Booth #2358

Xtreme Energy Rushoffers triple-strength energy - three times stronger than a cup of coffee - that provides the body with an instant shot that leaves a feeling of rejuvenation and mental alertness. The mango-flavored energy shot is sugar- and carb-free. Each 2-oz. bottle contains caffeine, taurine, essential B vitamins and niacin. The suggested retail price is $2.99.

M&M's Coconut Chocolate Candies

Mars Snackfood USA
Booth #1745

New limited-editionM&M’sCoconut Chocolate Candiesevoke an island feel in a tropical paradise. The suggested retail price is $0.79 for 1.5-oz. singles and $3.49 for 11.8-oz medium bags.

Now and Later Soft Sour Count Goods Bar

Farley’s and Sathers Candy Co., Inc.
Booth #821

The classicNow and Later taffy candy now comes in sour flavors. Each bar contains three 6-piece slugs of the popularNow and Latercandy. Flavors are Sour Orange, Sour Raspberry and Sour Strawberry. The suggested retail price is $0.89 per 2.75-oz. bar.

5 Gum

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
Booth #1431

5sugar-free gum now is available in two new flavors: Solstice, a warm and cool winter flavor; and Zing, a sour-to-sweet bubble experience.Solstice andZing come in5gum’s signature slim, sleek, black envelope. The suggested retail price is $1.49 for a single 15-stick pack and $3.49 for a multipack with three, 15-stick envelopes.

Wrench Mints

Wrench Mints, Inc.
Booth #234

Wrench Mints, Inc. has introduced new packaging for itsWrench Mintsproducts. By bringing color to the entire wrench shape, the product can be more easily recognized. The company’s most recent flavors are Candy Cane and Spearmint. The suggested retail price per tin is $1.99-$2.49 per tin.

M&M's Transformer Fan

Booth #1759

These decked-out, child-safe candy fans come stocked with a .53-oz. bag ofM&M’Soriginal candies. They’re available in two characters: Red and Yellow. The suggested retail price is $3.99.

Life Savers Gummies Pouch

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
Booth #1431

Life Savers Gummiesis unveiling a new single-serve, 2-oz. pouch package in 5 Flavor, Sours, Wild Berries and Tangy Fruits varieties. The new pouch includes 33% more product compared to the current 13-piece roll and marks the first timeLife Savers Gummies Soursare available in a single-serve package. The suggested retail price per pouch is $0.79.

YummyEarth Lollipops

Booth #221

Organic candy makerYummyEarthhas added Pomegranate Pucker, TooBerry Blueberry, Mango Tango to its line of 18 other flavored lollipops. The suggested retail price per 3-oz. bag is $2.59.