A friend recently forwarded me a link to a Web video that is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen online.

This guy named Matt traveled the globe and videotaped himself dancing (yes, dancing) by himself and with locals in different countries. He dances everywhere - in crowded streets, on a cliff, in a field of flowers, on a crab-covered beach, on the steps of a cathedral, in a monkeyfilled forest, next to a camel in the desert, in the pouring rain, in a fountain, in the ocean ... the list goes on.

My personal fave: Matt dancing with traditionally dressed natives in Papua New Guinea … second only to Matt dancing in front of a guard in the demilitarized zone of Korea … second only to Matt dancing in a training module at Nellis Airspace in Nevada.

I could not help but smile (and laugh, even) at this original video, which was shot over the course of 14 months and spans 42 countries, from various cities in the United States to India, Zanzibar, The Netherlands, South Africa, Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Israel, Madagascar, Taiwan -- again, the list goes on.

It was not until afterwards that I found out part of Matt’s travel was supported by the makers of “long lasting,” sugar-freeStride gum, who caught wind of the globe-trotting 31- year-old’s initial online video post and paid him to dance some more. See “Dancing Matt” for yourself atwww.stridegum.com.