“Proven” and “soft” claims continue to dominate in the EU food industry.

Innova Market Insights analyzed key trends and developments in the market, and found that companies are using “proven” to encourage previously skeptical consumers to try out a new functional food production. Specifically, the research found 36% growth in the number of products in Western Europe that featured the word “proven” in 2010.

Companies also are turning to passive claims such as “low” and “light” to market their products while a cloud of uncertainty hovers over healthy claims

Another top ten trend includes a new relaxation paradigm, which counters the energy beverage trend by creating and marketing relaxation beverages.

Fruits and vegetables also are expected to make a revival as manufacturers go back to basics and focus more in the inherent healthy benefits available, Innova says.

Joint health boosters also will be a trend as millions of active people throughout the world look to retain their lifestyles without joint discomfort.

Rounding out the bottom of the list, are: staying immune products; alternative protein sources, healthy mind, healthy body products; fiber triumphs on gut feeling; and out-of-the box weight loss.

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