Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles, they seem to love him back and for awhile all was well in the world.

When he ran in for a touchdown against the Eagles in early December and then celebrated by eating the candy while the NFL Network broadcasted him doing so, Wrigley responded by offering Lynch a 24-month Skittles supply and a customized Skittles dispenser for his locker room, according to CNBC.

Lynch’s Skittles obsession apparently started in high school when his mother rewarded him for touchdowns with the treat, according to CBS and Yahoo News.

Unfortunately, his love of the candy has now gotten him in trouble. CBS reports that right before the new year Lynch was fined $10,000 for a uniform violation after wearing custom Skittles football cleats provided to him by Nike.

Lynch’s love for the candy just cost him a lot of sweets. Here’s hoping Wrigley gives him enough Skittles to drown his sorrow in a heap of rainbow colored sugar.

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