Melissa Tisoncik

The Blommer Chocolate Co. has added three new employees to it’s research and development product development teams.

Melissa Tisoncik joined the Chicago team as a production development scientist in August 2010, focusing on new product development, innovation and technical services. She has a B.S. in chemistry from Illinois Wesleyan University and a M.S. in food science from the University of Illinois.

Marie Loewen

Marie Loewen also joined the Chicago team. The product development technologist started in February, and focuses on sensory and product applications development. She has B.S. in food science Purdue University and her A.S. in baking and pastry arts from Johnson and Wales University.

Carly Bombolevicz

Carly Bombolevicz, a R&D technologist, joined the company’s East Greenville, Pa. operations and will focus on generating new products, innovation and technical services. She started with Blommer in June 2010 as an R&D intern and continued to work part time as she finished her degree at Delaware Valley College. She will join Blommer full time in August 2011.

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