John R. Flanyak

John Flanyak, current senior director of research and development at Farley’s and Sathers, has announced his plans to retire July 1.
He isn't dropping out of the industry though. Flanyak is the owner and president of Illinois-based Flanyak Scientific, llc, a consulting firm for the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industry. He plans to start consulting after he officially retires.
Flanyak has nearly four decades of experience in the food industry, and aside from working at Farleys and Sathers Confections, he also has worked at Goelitz Confections (The Jelly Belly Co.), Brach & Brock Confections, Barry Callebaut, Jacobs Suchard, EJ Brach & Sons, Miles Laboratories, Quaker Oats, and B. Wolnak & Associates.
Over the span of his industrial career, he introduced hundreds of new products for branded, seasonal and private label; implemented significant cost reductions (formulation, process and packaging); outsourced, insourced and cosourced numerous products and processes; and developed in-house educational training programs for marketing, sales, operations personnel, technical support, quality, R&D personnel, and senior management.

Flanyak also has two patents, one patent pending and many published technical articles.

He has held a number of industrial positions including: v.p. of manufacturing, senior director of R&D, v.p. of R&D quality and process improvements, director of technical services, superintendent of manufacturing, plant manager, R&D manager, group leader and senior scientist.

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