Raw materials, specialty chocolate process and quality control are among the topics slated to be covered by the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confectioners’ Association (PMCA) Education and Learning Committee “Chocolate and Compound Manufacture and Use.”

The course, slated for June 21-24 in York, Penn., will feature a tour of the Bloomer Chocolate Company and a full day of hands on practical work in the Wolfgang Candy Company production facility.

The full list of topics that will be covered includes: Introduction to chocolate and compound; raw materials; processing cocoa (bean, nib, liquor), cocoa butter and cocoa powder; chocolate and compound production; sensory labs; tempering, enrobing, molding, finishing, panning; specialty chocolate processing (sugar free, no sugar, reduced fat, low calorie, aerated); troubleshooting and quality control.

Several highly skilled experts will facilitate the course,including: Peter Jamieson, Corn Products US; Stacy Reed, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate; Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut; Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company; Russell Tietz, Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc.; and Dennis Zak, TMResource LLC.

For a brochure and registration form visit:www.pmca.com/short_courses/schedule.aspor contact the PMCA office at 1-610-625-4655 or email: info@pmca.com.