The energy snack bar scene welcomes a new athlete into the arena.  

EatStrong, a versatile health and wellness company, has introduced a new line of Trail Mix and Energy Bars to its revolutionary brand.  

“It’s nearly impossible to find energy-boosting snacks made from real, natural, whole foods that are both rich in nutritional value and taste great - we’re aiming to fill that void,” says Sophie Pachella, the owner of EatStrong. “Eating is about more than just filling the body; it’s also about enjoyment.”  

EatStrong Energy Bars will follow the rest of the company’s food philosophy, embracing a combination of all-natural ingredients selected from a list of the best ingredients to deliver energy and nutrition to the body in an portable and delicious way.  

The bars were tested through various recipes and will mix finely crushed flax, sunflower and hemp seeds, which contain healthy amounts of the energy producing fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, with whey protein isolate.  

The special protein easily absorbs into the bloodstream, allowing for essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to increase metabolic function and strengthen muscles. In order to make the bars appealing to taste buds, EatStrong also has included organic cacao chocolate drops.  

“Flavor was and is very high on our list of non-negotiable traits,” says Pachella. “There's absolutely no point in creating a bar that is a star in terms of health while lacking entirely in flavor.”  

It is Pachella’s philosophy of sustaining a good-tasting product and sourcing the cleanest, healthiest foods that also goes into her other new snack.  

For their Trail Mix, EatStrong carefully selected an amalgamation of walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, protein, flax and sunflower seeds. The hearty blend packs a punch of omega-3’s, fiber, vitamin E and additional vitamins and minerals to make a perfect snack before or after any workout. Organic cacao chocolate will also be added to the nosh to add a little hint of sweetness.  

Pachella says that she created her Trail Mix to help people snack in a healthy way. The smaller, portable option helps keep blood sugar at even levels, meaning that one is less likely to go on an appetite-driven binge.  

“Part of my philosophy has always been that people need to ‘fuel their fire’ with small meals throughout the day to keep energy levels up and even keeled,” says Pachella.  

First started by nutrition and fitness expert Pachella in 1999, EatStrong has grown from a private nutrition consulting firm to a producer of nutritious snacks. Created by Pachella, herself, these new healthy offerings will continue to promote EatStrong’s vision of a healthy lifestyle.  

EatStrong Trail Mix and Energy Bars will be available online and in major health food stores.  

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