On-site coupons are about to become even more convenient - literally.

Catalina, which makes printers that issue coupons right at the store, announced at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention that it is expanding into convenience stores.

The move follows a successful pilot program with technology partner, Outsite Networks.

Specifically, Catalina has been piloting C-store brand building programs over the past year in nearly 500 stores using a system that was specially designed for the channel.

It features a consumer-facing printer that can rapidly issue relevant promotional messages and coupon offers directly to consumers based on their individual purchase behavior.

"The convenience channel is an ideal growth area for Catalina and we look forward to a very successful rollout,” says Ed Kuehnle, Catalina Marketing Services president. “We will improve our strategic value by now being able to support our clients’ key initiatives in the channel."

So far, consumers have proven to be highly responsive to relevant marketing programs in this new channel.

Brands have been achieving exceptional results in generating trial for new products and volume growth for established ones. Meanwhile, retailers are seeing increased trips and sales driven by the promotion programs sourced and designed by Catalina’s team of brand consultants.

In a channel with relatively few promotion vehicles, the Catalina Network offers a significant new marketing opportunity.

Joe Vonder Haar, managing partner at iSee Store Innovations, says the system is fully compatible with all scanner-based C-store POS systems.

Catalina also has partnered with Outsite Networks to provide additional loyalty and mobile capabilities to C-store retailers via CouponNetwork.

The Catalina Network is a targeted consumer communication system, currently located at checkout in more than 26,000 retail grocery, drug and mass outlets throughout the United States.

For more information, visit www.catalinamarketing.com.