Shoppers will soon find an iconic chocolate syrup in the candy aisle. 

Bosco Product Co. is partnering with The PRAIM Group to distribute a line of all-natural chocolate bars tied to Bosco Chocolate Syrup

The 3.5-oz. bars first are slated to be sold through and Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City exclusively during January. 

Then, in February the bars – wrapped in foil and then a paper wrap to invoke a nostalgic feel –  will be available to retailers throughout the United States. The suggested retail price will be $1.99 to $2.49. 

Steve Sanders, Bosco Product Co.’s ceo, says he’s excited about the new bars. 

“It will make a great nostalgic gift for that special someone, or [will be] simply perfect as an afternoon chocolate fix,” Sanders asserts. 

PRAIM Group CEO Paul Purett adds that the new candy bar seemed like a logical step to take for the Bosco brand. 

“Years ago, the Bosco Syrup used to have a much broader distribution base,” he explains. “It’s become a little bit more regional, and the Bosco Chocolate Bar definitely gives us the ability to really begin building that brand equity again.” 

Purett adds that the new product will help put the Bosco brand in front of a different set of people, because typically buyers in charge of purchasing syrup aren’t involved in purchasing candy. He expects to have the bars available at a wide range of retailers, from convenience stores to grocers. 

Purett believes that the nostalgia tied to the syrup will cross over to the candy bar.

“It’s a real feel-good brand,” he says. “Whenever I’ve mentioned it to somebody... it definitely puts a smile on people’s faces.” 

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