The  2011 USA Ultimate College Championships will probably leave participants with sore muscles, but also a sour taste in their mouths.

WARHEADS, the makers of a sour candy confection, has signed up to be a leading sponsor of the event, slated for May 27-20 in Boulder, Colo., the company announced.

Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-stop action team sport, which combines the endurance of soccer with the aerial passing of footballing using high-tech plastic discs.

“We are pleased to haveWARHEADS represented at the USA Ultimate Championships,” says Andy Telatnick, director of marketing for the company. “Ultimate is the most extreme and edgy team sport around, and this event and the skilled athletes of this sport are a perfect fit for the extreme, edgy nature of theWARHEADS brand.”

As part of the sponsorship,WARHEADS will give away samples of Extreme Sour Hard Candy and Sour Chewy Cubes all weekend long. Also, a custom-designed Ultimate booth game will allow spectators to winWARHEADS-branded items, such as full-size Ultimate discs.WARHEADS also will be hyping the event through its website, Twitter page and Facebook page.

WARHEADS are part of the Impact Confections portfolio of candy, which also includesLollipop Paint Shop andCarousel Pop. For more information, For more information about USA Ultimate,