The newest product from the global producer and marketer of food, Cargill, is a cocoa powder that can more easily and more quickly be dissolved in cold drink mix applications.  

Disappearing with twice the speed of regular cocoa powders in cold water (wettability) Cargill’s latest item makes instant cocoa drinks even more true to their name. Along with its quick nature, the substance also disperses more evenly throughout the liquid making for a better tasting result.  

“Wettability, and dispersability are vital considerations in instant drink mixes,” says Henri Kamphuis, quality and technology director for Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. “These considerations, and the maintenance of the level of performance throughout its shelf life, are issues that manufacturers in this market have been looking at for a long time.”  

One of the more unique values of this product is that its capacity to evenly dissolve in cold liquid will not fade with time as it does with many other items.  

Cargill’s ability to create this revolutionary type of cocoa powder, though, did not come easily.  

“Following years of research and development work, Cargill is the first to make this cocoa powder breakthrough,” says Kamphuis. “Cargill has cracked the technological challenge that so many others have been trying to overcome for many years. We are extremely excited by the potential opened up by this unique technology.”  

With its patent still pending, the new cocoa powder should be available through the Gerkens line in 2012. 

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