Au’some Inc., maker of 3-Dees Gummies, is gearing up for its first U.S.production facility in Sumter, S.C.

Au’some Inc., maker of 3-Dees Gummies, is gearing up for its first U.S.production facility in Sumter, S.C.
The candy and fruit snack company, now has a new 100,000-sq.-ft. facility on a 28-acre site, and all new production equipment is being installed for it’s first production cycle, slated for later this year.
“We are very excited about our new manufacturing facility... as we have been working on it for quite some time,” says Rose Araneo, senior vice president of operations. “This expansion will allow us to better serve our customers throughout North America.”
The facility is expected to have two production lines and will be used to produce the company’s Florida’s Natural brand Nuggets, and 3-Dees Gummies.
With the new manufacturing facility, Au’some is better equipped to produce and distribute its confections to clients and partners not only in the U.S., but also Canada and Europe.
“We are pleased to be moving forward with our new manufacturing facility,” says David Tsu, Au’some’s ceo. “Sumter County provided us with an existing building to suit our needs, and South Carolina provides us with an excellent business environment and a talented workforce.”
An estimated 120 new jobs will be created with the facility.
“We are extremely happy that Au’some has selected Sumter County for their first facility in the U.S.,” says Sumter Development Board Chairman Greg A. Thompson. “We have worked diligently on this project for many months, and the end result will not only be new jobs for the citizens of the area, but also a new employer for Sumter County. We welcome Au’some into the Sumter community and look forward to an excellent relationship in the years to come. This is a great example of the private and public sectors coming together to reach a common goal for the good of the community.”
Au’some expects to begin production in the new Sumter facility in the third quarter of 2011.
The company will begin hiring for full- and part-time positions in summer 2011.
Anyone interested in job opportunities with the company should contact or visit at that time.
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