The Warrell Corp., which sells candy under thePennsylvania Dutch CandiesandKatherine Beecherbrands, has acquired the assets of York, Pa.-based Classic Caramel Co. As one of the largest caramel producers in the United States, Classic Caramel is known for making about 30 different types of caramel, including liquid and sugar-free varieties, along with salt-water taffy and maple, butter rum, vanilla and chocolate toffees.

According to Christina Kauffman inThe York Dispatch, The Warrell Corp.’s senior vice president Kevin Silva has said that Classic Caramel would change its name to The Warrell Classic Co. The story adds that Warrell plans to rehire 10 of Classic Caramel’s former employees and hopes to re-hire the rest of the staff of 20 by 2010.

“The addition of Classic Caramel to The Warrell Corp. will enhance both our specialty distribution business and our contract manufacturing capabilities,” says Patrick Huffman, president of The Warrell Corp. “Several current and new products planned for production in the York, Pa. plant will be sold both throughPennsylvania Dutch Candiesand traditional Classic sales channels.”