On the 18th Oct. 18,  2010,  BCH celebrated the 10th anniversary of its state-of-the art, 1,025-sq.-meter Innovation Center.  Since opening, the Innovation Centre has served customers from all over the world.

During that decade, the Innovation Center has enabled the company - in partnership with its customers - to produce innovative designs and technology for mixing, cooking, cooling, extruding and enrobing food and confectionery products.   

Some of the latest technologies that have been developed for the confectionery industry in the Innovation Centre are the 100% fruit cooking and extrusion line and the four-color licorice extrusion line.  Within the Innovation Center, there is a conference facility that allows customers to meet and discuss trials undertaken with our staff or for training on BCH plant, software and control systems. 

It is staffed and supported by a wealth of knowledge from food scientists and process engineers to design and mechanical engineers as well as software developers, all of which are managed by a newly appointed facilities manager.    

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